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Sam Boraie continues driving New Brunswick towards future with Aspire

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Sam Boraie, vice president of new projects for Boraie Development, is forging ahead with yet another revolutionary project for downtown New Brunswick. This time, he’s built a massive, 16-story monument to New Brunswick’s newfound hip and sought-after status.

Boraie has long been instrumental in bringing New Brunswick back from the brink. In the ’90s, his company started the urban renewal of the city, with the revolutionary Albany Street Plaza project. This was an ultra-modern, Class A office property that succeeded in attracting clients from Manhattan’s overpriced real estate market.

With the success of Albany Street Plaza, Boraie Development parlayed its new office clients into residential ones as well. Albany Street Plaza, Tower Two, was created as a way for those working in downtown New Brunswick to have a convenient and upscale place to live. These two projects are, today, largely credited with kicking off the incredible revitalization of New Brunswick’s urban center, a project many in the ’80s quite literally scoffed at as impossible.

With the Aspire, Boraie is extending the idea of creating safe, hip and luxurious urban living spaces that make New Brunswick a viable competitor to Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. However, Aspire is being marketed chiefly to millennial professionals. While other Boraie developments have been marketed as luxury residences, the Aspire is taking things to a whole new level. With this project, Sam Boraie hopes to put New Brunswick on the map for the East Coast’s most discerning high-end real estate buyers.

And he’s highly confident he can do it. After all, Boraie Development has racked up a track record of stunning successes, explains Bloomberg. He views the ongoing inflation of Manhattan and other New York real estate prices as presenting a serious opportunity, not just for mid-level office space or local teachers and policemen but for the big-money bankers and FIRE-sector professionals of other East Coast enclaves, especially those under the age of 40.

The Aspire is definitely showing what’s possible to achieve. The ultra-modern building looks like something straight out of the trendiest Upper East Side condo buildings. Sam Boraie is aiming for the fences. And it looks like he’s about to hit another grand slam. View Sam Boraie‚Äôs full bio on