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End Citizen United Announces its Plans for 2018

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End Citizen United is very popular in the world. This prevalent political action group was established several years ago in the United States. The institution was created after the Supreme Court made a ruling that did not go down well with some individuals in the country. All the members of the organization were against an institution known as Citizen United. End Citizen United was formed so that the decision of the Supreme Court can be revoked. Although the group has only been operational for a few years, it has made a huge impact in the lives of Americans in the recent times. End Citizen United has also proven to the international community that it is possible to conduct free and fair elections without the use of black money.

Although the PAC has been doing well, very few people have realized how it operates and why it is doing well. Most of the individuals holding leadership positions in the company are highly experienced, and they have been keen on American politics for a long time. Equipped with all the American political history, these leaders have played a leading role in the success of the PAC. There is a large gap that is found between the needy and the wealthy people in the American society. With corrupt leaders taking political offices, this gap has continued to grow, leaving the destitute with more significant issues.

The wealthy community in the country has been using its monies to support their candidates for office. The needy, on the other hand, have no choice but put up with bad leadership because they do not have enough funds. This group of Americans can now have a say in the administration thanks to End Citizen United. The followers of the group have been raising funds since the organization was founded several years ago.As a great team, the successful PAC is looking forward to bringing the change Americans have been thinking about over the years. Tiffany Muller has been operating as the leader of the influential group, and in recent activities, the leader says that the organization is headed for success, and

California is considered to be vulnerable when it comes to black funds in politics. End Citizen United is already aware of the challenges facing the state, and this is why they have targeted four influential individuals who are believed to be using the black money. End Citizen United says that this will be the company plans for the year 2018. The leaders of the company have expertise in the management of funds, and they are saying that they have lots of confidence in their plans for the state of California. The resources that have been raised in the past will be used in the year 2018, and their Website.

Samuel Strauch Leads In Real Estate Ventures

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In an interview with IdeaMensch, Samuel Strauch is quoted saying that life exists as a lesson and the paths we choose have an impact on our growth. Samuel extracted this quote from his life experience as a career and family man. His impressive accomplishments demonstrate his belief in honesty and integrity when dealing in business.

Strauch went to the Hofstra University for a course in business management. His focus could not allow him to end his education at that level as he joined Erasmus University and later Harvard School to advance his studies.


After School, he joined the banking job field for his first career experience. His interest shifted to real estate. This was triggered by the chances he spotted in South Florida. Samuel Strauch had an eye for real estate opportunities in the market. From real estate development to complete transformation in building, he saw an opportunity for growth in the business. That marked the onset of working in real estate. When he joined his family in business, he did not see himself venturing into sole proprietorship. However, he grasped the new wave of real estate development and ventured to full-time selling and brokering.


Samuel was visionary in his career. He took advantage of the availability of wealthy investors that looked forward to putting money in the business. That was an added advantage to his growth. In his interview with CEOCFO, he explains his vision and mission to Lynn Fosse. As a leader at Metrik Real Estate, he focuses on predicting the future of the business. He is always in tune with the current trends. Samuel Strauch seeks to understand the demands of people because he is interested in supplying their needs. Since he is positioned to accommodate the present and future clients, he focuses on the people’s interests as a pathway to satisfying their wants in terms of commercial and residential property development.


Since there is a new wave of millennials in South Florida, Samuel Strauch is interested in understanding their needs. From their careers to fun hubs, he internalizes their demands with provision as the major focus. He also checks demographics as well as the client’s general differences before settling for what could please them. With Samuel on board, Metrik Real Estate offers a platform for disintegrating, developing, selling and managing real estate. The challenges he faces time and again do not prevent him from achieving his goals.

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Samuel Strauch – A Natural Talent For The Real Estate Industry

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Mr Samuel Strauch became a wildly successful businessman who has to dedicate his life to the industry of real estate development and investment. He is the founder of a large company called Metrik Real Estate which he established in early 2002. The company is based in Miami Beach, Florida which is a highly beneficial location for the real estate industry as it is among the most bustling areas of the industry.

His education was completed at the Hofstra University in New York City from which Mr Samuel Strauch graduated with a master’s degree in Business. He is also a former student of the renowned Harvard University and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Mr Samuel Strauch has always had a strong passion for the industry of real estate although his first career was in the field of banking. He realized that it did not give him the fulfilment a calling should. After two or three years, working at a bank. Mr Samuel Strauch decided to join the family business of real estate. He started working at the family company.

In 2002, he ventured into founding a company as well – Metrik Real Estate. The company is based in Miami Beach, Florida and that helped t grow rapidly in the first year of its establishment. Up to date, Metrik Real Estate has expanded its reach across several locations in Florida and other states in the United States of America.

Mr Samuel Strauch is often asked about his success in the real estate. He readily explains that having a natural interest in a subject or industry will inevitably inspire a person to work harder and to want to learn as much as possible about it. Samuel started establishing connections from all aspect of the real estate industry from the first month of joining the business which also helped him significantly.

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