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End Citizen United Announces its Plans for 2018

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End Citizen United is very popular in the world. This prevalent political action group was established several years ago in the United States. The institution was created after the Supreme Court made a ruling that did not go down well with some individuals in the country. All the members of the organization were against an institution known as Citizen United. End Citizen United was formed so that the decision of the Supreme Court can be revoked. Although the group has only been operational for a few years, it has made a huge impact in the lives of Americans in the recent times. End Citizen United has also proven to the international community that it is possible to conduct free and fair elections without the use of black money.

Although the PAC has been doing well, very few people have realized how it operates and why it is doing well. Most of the individuals holding leadership positions in the company are highly experienced, and they have been keen on American politics for a long time. Equipped with all the American political history, these leaders have played a leading role in the success of the PAC. There is a large gap that is found between the needy and the wealthy people in the American society. With corrupt leaders taking political offices, this gap has continued to grow, leaving the destitute with more significant issues.

The wealthy community in the country has been using its monies to support their candidates for office. The needy, on the other hand, have no choice but put up with bad leadership because they do not have enough funds. This group of Americans can now have a say in the administration thanks to End Citizen United. The followers of the group have been raising funds since the organization was founded several years ago.As a great team, the successful PAC is looking forward to bringing the change Americans have been thinking about over the years. Tiffany Muller has been operating as the leader of the influential group, and in recent activities, the leader says that the organization is headed for success, and

California is considered to be vulnerable when it comes to black funds in politics. End Citizen United is already aware of the challenges facing the state, and this is why they have targeted four influential individuals who are believed to be using the black money. End Citizen United says that this will be the company plans for the year 2018. The leaders of the company have expertise in the management of funds, and they are saying that they have lots of confidence in their plans for the state of California. The resources that have been raised in the past will be used in the year 2018, and their Website.

End Citizens United Throws its Political Weight Behind No PAC Democrat Beto O’Rourke

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The End Citizens United PAC has been looking to publicize the campaign of a Democratic candidate for a Senate seat representing the people of Texas that is currently held by well known Republican Ted Cruz. End Citizens United is itself registered as a traditional PAC where the level of funds provided by individuals or groups is limited unlike the Super PAC’s the liberal group is battling to bring an to; the decision by Beto O’Rourke to limit the funding provided by PAC’s will not allow End Citizens United to provide funding for the campaign, but the group can publicize the growing campaign that took in over $2 million in funding from grassroots sources across the second quarter of 2017.


End Citizens United have thrown their weight behind the campaigns of Democrats who support bringing an end to the Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United that allowed wealthy donors the opportunity to provide support to the political party and candidates of their choice without financial limitations. Democrat Beto O’Rourke has already shown he shares many of the beliefs of End Citizens United by introducing a bill that would halt all PAC and Super PAC money being directed towards Congressional candidates; despite the fact he is refusing aid from End Citizens United, the group is directing its members across the U.S. to work to add to the funding for the campaign that has reported averaging donations of around $44.


The End Citizens United group has quickly become a major group supporting the people of the U.S. who feel they are not being fairly represented by politicians being influenced by some of the wealthiest donors in the world. Only accepting grassroots donations, End Citizens United has registered in the U.S. as a traditional PAC who will limit the donations of any donor to just $5,000; the group believes this will halt any wealthy donor attempting to bring their influence to bear on the political direction End Citizens United will take in the coming years.


Despite only being established in the buildup to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle, End Citizens United has already built a large base of supporters who are working to bring an end to the Supreme Court decisions establishing Super PAC’s. In the first three months of 2017, End Citizens United built a fund for the 2018 midterms to around $4 million and hopes to extend this to $35 million by the time the midterm campaigns hit their stride. Among the decisions made by End Citizens United has been the choice to back Democratic candidates who have shown they are supportive of the bid to bring an end to wealthy donors and Super PAC’s extending their political influence as the 21st century moves forward.