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Orage Coast College and Its Great Rowing Team

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Orange Coast College, also known as OCC, is a Community College located in Costa Mesa, Southern California, only a few minutes drive is the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It was founded in 1947 and first opened its doors for classes in 1948.

Orange Coast College is one of the Nation’s finest Community Colleges, enrolling more than 25000 students each term. The community college offers a wide variety of curriculum courses, as well as sports teams for the students who enroll.

One such sport offered is the sport of rowing. Since the birth of the school, over 60 years ago, the OCC Rowers have captured 11 National titles!! Just last year the team was honored with a National title. The OCC Rowers Team has had 10 of its team members go on to compete in World Championships and even the Olympic rowing teams.

When one enters the David A. Grant collegiate Rowing Center, located in Newport Beach, California, it is as if one has stepped through time and back in history. Boats stacked neatly, some cost as much as $55,000; there are several red-and-white flags from past Nationals, as well as photos of past winning teams hanging on the walls. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

The Orange Coast College Rowing team is a serious team. Even though many of its members have never rowed on a team prior to joining the team. It takes great strength, not only physical but mindset strength, as well, to be great at this sport. Read more: Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

If one member of the team is off it can cause the whole team to be off. For this reason practice starts early in the morning at the same exact time sharp. It takes great dedication of each team member for the team to succeed and go on to the Nationals.

Not only dedication and sacrifice of the team members, but often time the family of each team member must make sacrifices as well, by allowing the team member to commit themselves fully to being on this great rowing team.