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Daniel Taub Independent Article Recap

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The Independent article portrays Daniel Taub’s opinion of the Geneva accord, being that it is a danger to all, in its shortcoming to ensuring the containment of the threat posed by Iran in its nuclear ambitions.

The article in its opening goes on to describe the recent events occurring in the Middle East in terms of new treaties.

It talks of the new possibilities for Israel, and Israel’s original view that the Geneva accord will not do enough. Furthermore, it explores the phenomena of predominantly Sunni countries, such as Israel, in forming new alliances in order to combat the Tehran-sponsored Shia alliances in the Middle East.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are now becoming partners in a preventative fight against nuclear Iran. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub is Israel’s ambassador to the UK. He was born in the UK in 1962 and attended school at University College in both London and Oxford. In addition to this he studied at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and soon after moved to Israel in 1989.

Post moving to Israel Taub didn’t immediately sway towards a career in politics. His initial ambitions landed him with the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat medic where he was also serving as a reserve officer in the international law division.

Two years later in 1991 he ended his career as a combat medic, and started a new one, working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Here he held various diplomatic as well as legal posts. From here he took his experience at the Israeli Foreign Ministry and turned this into a position as the Israeli ambassador to the U.K., where he served from 2011-2015.

Currently Daniel Taub works as the director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

In looking back to the Independent article on Taub’s comments towards the Geneva accord, we can see that Taub’s opinion is as follows.

Taub feels as though there are many radical states from Tehran to Gaza. Due to this he also feels as though the considerable amount of worrying on the account of nuclear Iran is fitting.

Taub uses this as a segue in order to then talk about the way in which these mutual interests by nations can be used in order to deepen relationships.

He expresses that the fundamental strategic concerns by nations in the Middle East towards other nations such as those between Israel and nuclear Iran, should be a means of putting aside differences and usual paradigms in order to prevent catastrophe.