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Insurance Professionals Join USHEALTH Advisors Because Of Its Dedication To Local Communities

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Randy Hildebrandt grew up idolizing baseball star Nolan Ryan. Like his hero, he wanted to be loved and respected for his skill and commitment to the game. Ryan was on track to do just that. He was the star pitcher of his High School baseball team. His performance on the mound was impressive, and he got a number of looks from the talent scouts that came through town. Unfortunately, Ryan would never live his dream. The physical strain of the game wore him down, and in his senior year he blew out his shoulder.

Although disappointed, Ryan was still determined to do something great with his life. He enrolled in Texas A&M and majored in business. He was not all that interested in business, but it was the field which seemed to produce a lot of successful people so he pursued it. View more USHealth Advisors Careers and Jobs at

His first job after completing his studies was in insurance sales. He did not warm to the position at first. It took the advice and encouragement of the person who recruited him and a few of the original mentors that he worked with before he finally reached his potential. The thing that most impacted his change of attitude was the realization that his assumptions about insurance sales were all wrong. His job was not to push policies on people; it was to help them protect themselves and their families against the consequences of accident, illness, and injury. Once he got that straight, he began to thrive.

Ryan joined the USHEALTH team in 2012. A number of people encouraged him to make the move, but it was a long and intimate chat with CEO Troy McQuagge that finally convinced him. Ryan could see that Troy was as passionate about helping people as he was. The young executive was also impressed by the achievements of Troy’s brainchild: the Helping Other People Everyday (HOPE) program.

The program is thoroughly integrated into the structure and operations of the company. Through the HOPE program, USHEALTH executive have dedicated hundreds of man-hours to rebuilding storm-ravaged areas of New Orleans. Company executives have also given thousands of dollars to local charities that help children who are homeless and who suffer from serious illnesses.

Like every other USHEALTH executive, Ryan knew that the program would allow him to dedicate a considerable amount of his time and talents to humanitarian work. More information can be found at

Tips for Choosing the Best Life Insurance

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Life insurance isn’t necessarily a topic that many of us want to know about. However, it can be advantageous when you are trying to protect your loved ones and assets. If you need help with life insurance, there are a lot of people who are able to help with this. By talking to an insurance provider, you will be able to take out a great plan that is ideal for all of your needs. You will want to take out enough life insurance for what you require, so this is something you may want to discuss with your family to ensure that they have enough in the event of your passing.

The problem with life insurance is that it can be difficult to find on your own. If you are looking for a great plan that you can trust, be sure to consider Freedom Life Insurance for yourself. Freedom Life Insurance has been around for awhile and has a great track record when it comes to providing high-quality insurance at a rate that you will find to be quite affordable. You will love having a plan that is easy for you to pay for and also covers enough so that your family is protected as much as they can possibly be. Learn more on for more info.

You will find that taking out a life insurance plan is one of the best things you can do for yourself. There is nothing worse than feeling like you are unable to provide for your family, but this can be rectified simply by making the decision to go with Freedom Life Insurance or another type of company that offers this type of policy. Keep in mind that you will have a policy that needs to be paid each month in order for your entire plan to be valid. Once this is paid for, you will be able to keep the family as protected as possible in the event that you pass away. You will enjoy having a plan that puts your mind at rest knowing that everyone is totally taken care of and will be safe for many years. Read: