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Doe Deere – article recap

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The Queen of Unicorns is dishing her secrets and sharing everything with her fans. From how she got her start to how she decided on a name for her brand and even the filter that she uses to perfect her pics, Deere shares it all.


Keep reading to hear Doe’s story.


Russian-born Doe Deere has always had an eye for fashion and has always known that she wanted to be at the forefront of the fashion industry, so as soon as she became of age, she left her country of birth for a whirlwind adventure in the states.


Her adventure landed her at the prestigious Fashion Institute of Technology where she increased her knowledge of all things fashion. Deere decided not to finish her studies, however, as she was extremely excited about starting her own fashion line.


E-commerce was her go-to when launching her line. She knew just where she wanted to sell her items but had to decide on a name for her company before she could get the ball rolling.


How did she decide on a name? By being who she was: a person who loved fairy tales.


Deere has always been such a lover of fairy tales that she wanted the name of her company to reflect that. She set off on a quest to find just the right name for a company owned by a unicorn.


Deere decided that most words associated with fairy tales rhymed, so that was where she would start. She took some time out of her day to come up with just the right name. Like an innocent child, she happily rambled word after word until she found two rhyming words that she really liked: lime and crime.


Deere had found the name of her company.


After about a year in business, Lime Crime was steadily making sales. Deere wasn’t satisfied, however. Like most entrepreneurs, Deere wanted to take things to the next level: she wanted to up her sales.


Deere had also always been a lover of makeup, so she decided that there was no better way to advertise her line than with some complementing makeup looks.


Finding just the right colors was difficult, so Deere had no other choice but to make her own. Something unexpected happened, however: people flocked to her makeup.


So what did Doe do? She decided to brand her makeup line. No longer would fashion be her only focus; now she would tailor her line to all-natural beauty products.


To spread the word about her vegan makeup, Deere made tutorials instructing viewers on how to properly apply Lime Crime’s makeup in order to get the Queen Unicorn’s signature looks.


Lime Crime has since expanded their products to cater  to customers who want to change up every part of their looks, including their hair colors. Learn more: