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Dherbs Inc is an online company,, that was founded in 2004. Dherbs Inc is committed to optimizing people’s health and helping them lose weight. offers an array of herbal supplements, full body cleanses, and other natural products to assist people in claiming back their health and losing weight the natural way.


Dherbs most popular item is the 20-day, Full Body Cleanse. Celebrities like Steve Harvey and Sheryl Underwood have recently lost weight and attribute their success to Dherbs Full Body Cleanse. In an interview with Steve Harvey on his morning radio show, Sheryl revealed that after just a week on the cleanse she lost five pounds.


Dherbs Inc adheres to a strict raw food diet for optimizing health and losing weight. People participating in the Dherbs 20-day, Full Body Cleanse must stick to a raw food diet of fresh fruits, fresh vegetables, raw nuts, and seeds. offers various appetizing and creative food recipes to help people stay on the raw food diet. In addition, offer hundreds of lifestyle articles showing people how to live a healthier life via their herbal products, many of which are available on

Sheryl Underwood talked about her experience with the products she ordered on and how they helped her cleanse her body. She did an interview with The Steve Harvey Morning Show on the radio to share her results and how much they have helped her. She starts out by thanking everyone on the show for introducing her to these herbs.

In addition to these products she has been working out with her trainer and eating better, as Dherbs advises. In less than a week, on the company’s detox program, she had already lost 5 pounds. She has also been meditating and praying for the results she is seeing.

She goes on to talk about how many people she needs to give a toast to regarding her weight loss including the staff of the show, her fitness trainers, the people at Dherbs she has worked with, former First Lady Michelle Obama, and the Pope (even though she wishes they would consider others for the position).

Altogether Sheryl Underwood has met with great success in losing weight and getting healthier by using the products that she obtained from and couldn’t be happier.

Dherbs Full Body Cleanse Detoxing Experience

Learning From Nathaniel Ru and SweetGreen

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There is a lot that established companies can learn from Sweetgreen. Also, people willing to start their companies can learn from Sweetgreen about how they can begin from scratch and develop to one of the biggest companies in the world. Looking at Sweetgreen, the company has managed to attract big investors in the market such as Steve Case, Daniel Boulud as well as Danny Meyer. Sweetgreen has built a reputation of offering the healthiest dishes in their restaurants. Other than health food, the company is known for offering local organic food that is usually fresh. As of today, Sweetgreen has opened restaurants in 40 different locations across the United States of America.


One of its co-founders, Nathaniel Ru, says that the company wants to build a brand that stands for something. The founders of this firm attribute its success to its ability to incorporate technology in their business. For instance, the owners say that most of its sales are made through its website. Sweetgreen is customer oriented and solely focuses on its client’s satisfaction. For instance, the main offices of this firm have to be closed at least five times in one year to ensure that the services been offered are the best.


According to the owners of this startup, they don’t believe in the idea of having a corporate headquarter. Instead, they believe in having a decentralized system. The other co-founders of this fortunate venture are Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. The three gentlemen met at Georgetown University in their senior year. The three gentlemen didn’t have any knowledge about how to learn a company leave alone knowledge about the food industry. They, however, shared a common thing as they parents were successful in starting and running their companies. They were motivated to establish a joint within George Town where people would practice healthy eating habits. When talking to the Fortune back in 2014, they said that they knew they would succeed in business when George Town students went home for the winter break.


He also says that the hardest thing in life especially management is putting a team that can function well. Finally, the CEO that Nathaniel Ru admires most is Kevin Plank.

Three students desire for healthy food turns to a multimillion business venture

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It is almost unbelievable that three years ago, the only Georgetown Hoyas that had any idea what Sweetgreen stood for were Jonathan Neman, Nathaniel Ru and Nicolas Jammet. The trio got into a discussion about the lack of healthy food alternatives on campus and that is how the business idea came to life.

There were three main reasons for the developments that took place. First, the three students had a shared passion for food that was healthy. The second was the fact that they had a problem that was affecting all three of them, and they needed a lasting solution to it. Third, the trio needed to innovate something that did not exist before. That is how the idea of sweet greens was incubated.

They came up with a business plan. Even though the three of them come from families whose success came from entrepreneurship, this did not prepare them for the journey that lay ahead. They realized that there was a lot they did not know about the food industry in particular.

However, in an interesting turn of events, it is this lack of experience that helped them look at the food industry with the fresh set of eyes that was needed. They realized that to be successful, the community surrounding them would have to infuse its culture into the brand to give it an identity.

They decided to take practical lessons from the things they were learning in the classroom and apply them to their business. Thus, they created a value-driven brand that moved from being a little business that was only covering Georgetown into a community with a following of more than 20,000 children. Jammet claims that people do not invest in healthy food because they do not really understand what it is all about.

After a few years of selling the initial business, the Sweetgreen trio realized that the trend was beginning to get a cool reception. They came up with the ideal of infusing music and culture to the venture and called it Sweetlife. The new venture helped them sell their original products mush better than they were doing at the start.


About Nathaniel RU

Nathaniel is one of the three Hoyas who founded and act as principals to the Sweetgreen venture. They offer healthy alternatives to the food found in the school delis and snack bars. He has been featured in the Forbes 30 under 30 list for his business acumen. He was a finance student at Georgetown and is also in charge of the SWTLF ventures.