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Bruno Fagali’s Career as an Anti-Corruption Lawyer

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If you live in Brazil, you have probably had about Bruno Fagali. Fagali is a renowned attorney who is also a specialist in anti-corruption law. He is also the founder of FAGALI advocacy. The Brazilian attorney is not only known for his professionalism and integrity in the legal profession but he is also handles cases of a varying nature.

Bruno Fagali’s areas of practice include urban law, civil and administrative liability processes, administrative contracts, bidding law and public civil actions. He is also passionate about regulatory law and popular actions. As an attorney, he has gained a lot of trust from his clients as well as the general public. His efforts to fight corruption in both the civil and administrative sectors are applauded by most Brazilians.

Bruno Fagali has always been driven by the need to help clean the system from corruption. As a result, he has initiated many actions with the aim of doing exactly that. Apart from targeting the public sector, he has also been approached by the private sector. Some of his clients include corporate firms which want to achieve the highest level of transparency and accountability in their organizations.

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FAGALI Advocacy

FAGALI Advocacy is a firm which was set up by Bruno Fagali so as to help him reach more people and do more. The main areas which the firm deals with include compliance law, election, anti-corrution law and public law. According to Fagali, these four areas are very crucial considering that they are the pillars of social equality.

Apart from his law office, Fagali also works at Nova/bs as their Corporate Integrity Manager. The advertising firm is one of the most prominent ones in Brazil and they do advertisements for the government as well as organizations such as the World Health Organization.