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Equities First UK

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Equities First UK is a global investment firm, that specialize in securities and stock-based loans. Investors are offered borrowing opportunities, to gain access to capital. The company also use it’s strategic straightforwardness, to make sure every client is satisfied.

Equities First UK is expanding. They now have a team in expert team in London, who’s a global force. The other offices are in Australia, Hong Kong, Bangkok, and Indianapolis. It’s a full-service lending institution were investors can gain cash fast, using traded shares. You will be pleased with the professional team of experts, that will help you obtain you need for financial success.

Jason Hope Is A Strong Believer In The Importance Of Technology

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What Is Jason Hope’s Educational Background?

He earned a bachelor’s degree from Arizona State University and went on to get an M.B.A. He attended Arizona State University’s W.P. Carey School of Business for his M.B.A. Jason Hope had high grades during his college career.

What Companies Has He Worked For?

He started Mobile Communication Technology. This is a highly successful company. Jason Hope has always been a strong advocate for technological advancement. In fact, he considers himself to be a futurist.

What Are Some Of His Other Endeavors?

He is a mentor to high school students, and he helps entrepreneurs get grants. Jason Hope has made many investments in start-ups. He has strong political views and makes political contributions. As a result of the fact that he’s extremely knowledgeable about technology, he has made predictions about the future of technological advancement. These predictions are extremely useful to investors. He feels that one of the most important advancements of the modern era is the Internet of Things, and he writes extensively about how technology will affect our future. He has a portfolio of stocks that includes some of the biggest tech companies in the United States. His investments have performed quite well.

His Contributions To The Advancement Of Anti-Aging Technology:

Jason Hope donated half a million dollars to the SENS Foundation. The SENS Foundation does research on biotechnology, and this acronym stands for Strategies For Engineered Negligeable Senesance. Jason Hope is one of the biggest contributors to this organization, and his contributions have allowed the SENS Foundation to develop new technologies. The SENS Foundation is working on developing drugs that may combat the aging process. Jason Hope feels strongly that it may be possible to reverse all aspects of the aging process through medication. He even believes that it is probably possible to reverse illnesses that occur as a result of the aging process, such as advanced heart disease and Alzheimer’s Disease. In addition, he feels that it may be possible for medications to prevent these diseases from occurring at all. This technology would drastically increase the human lifespan.

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After Harvey, The Houston Area Benefitted From Nabors CEO Tony Petrello’s Corporate Philosophy

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Prior to Hurricane Harvey people in Houston Texas were already familiar with the generosity of Nabors Industries CEO Tony Petrello and his wife Cynthia.

Previously, the couple had made a $7 million dollar donation to the Texas Children’s Hospital. That contribution was the seed money that helped to found the Jan and Dan Duncan Neurological Research Center.

Neurological disorders in children is a cause that hits home with the Petrellos. Their daughter Carena has Cerebral Palsy. Tony and Cynthia’s efforts to find help for their daughter brought them to the conclusion that more needed to be done in terms of research and developing treatments for children like their Carena.

While studying mathematics at Yale University the mathematician Professor Serge Lang became Tony’s mentor and friend. When Lang passed away in 2016 Tony Petrello decided to preserve the memory of his deceased friend by creating an endowment in Lang’s name.

Tony’s initial contribution to the endowment was $150,000. Other Yale Alumni who had studied under Lang began to contribute as well. This prompted Tony Petrello to start matching other donations up to $150,000.

Tony Petrello became the CEO of Nabors Industries in 2012. The company handles drilling operations for oil companies. Their 500 drilling rigs are operating in over two dozen countries.

Recently, Tesco a company specializing in oilfield services became one of Nabor Industries’ holdings. While commenting on the acquisition Tony revealed his corporate philosophy. He stated that as Nabor’s fortunes grow the company’s obligation to the community grows proportionately.


Philanthropy is a part of Nabors’ corporate culture. They support Bike MS and the Susan G. Komen Foundation. The company’s own charitable foundation funds education for its employees and their progeny. To date, the Nabors Charitable Foundation has paid out $3 million in scholarships.

When Hurricane Harvey wrought havoc on the Houston area earlier this year, Nabors lost no time in contributing to the relief effort. Approximately 120 Nabor’s employees were among Harvey’s victims. Other employees volunteered to aid in the recovery.

This meant losing time from work. Nabors paid their salaries as they helped people in their own and surrounding communities. The company’s mobile kitchens were in operation providing hot meals to the displaced.

When employees began raising money to facilitate the recovery Nabors pledged to match the results of their efforts. The sum of the employees’ efforts added to the matching funds from their employer totaled 347,244 dollars.

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Us Health Advisors Insurance Plans That Are Built For The Consumer

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US health Advisor insurance mainly focuses on the promotion of unbending health coverage plans portfolios which are insured by the US Health Groups. They primarily target small business owners, and their employees, entrepreneurs, and individuals. Through the US Health Advisors, the US Health group of companies under in which the insurance falls in have provided diverse health care services to the people for the last three and a half decades. Learn more at

The insurance packages have provided opportunities for the individuals buying insurance supporting the reason why coverage is needed especially when the cost of health is rising. The insurance plan has various functionalities when one decides to apply and get one. These include the insurance owner having access to incentives, and they can attain bonuses that later on help the business.

The USHEALTH advisors acknowledge the crucial role played by the sales representatives in making sure the information on the insurance products reaches Individuals who need it. The in the sales and marketing have exhibited high professionalism in marketing the health products and also in mentoring the people who wish to be professional salespeople in the healthcare products. Communication through various ways keeps the companies open to innovations, ideas and it encourages new development. The USHEALTH Advisor certainly plays a significant role in ensuring healthcare insurance is readily available and accessible.

ushealth Advisors salary

US Health Advisory Salaries ensures that individuals are working in health-related fields represented in various capacities. In the diverse ways, for example, providing compensation and also factoring the bonuses. The USHEALTH Advisory salaries allow employees to work and at the same time save time and money as the insurance salary insurance can cover various circumstances that would rather be tedious. In conclusion, USHEALTH advisor provides solutions to health care on multiple aspects by enabling individuals to gain the insurance.

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Troy McQuagge Awarded the Prestigious One Planet Award: Named CEO of the Year

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US Healthcare CEO, Troy McQuagge has won the Gold! McQuagge has been named the CEO of the Year by One Planet. This prestigious award is open to the leaders of all types of global companies, whether they be long-established or a new start-up. The CEO of the Year is presented to a leader that holds many important qualities such as professional excellence. The award is open to all CEOs from public or private companies and can be bestowed on leaders of either non-profit or for-profit firms. US Healthcare is honored that this year’s recipient is their very own CEO, Troy McQuagge. Follow Troy McQuagge at Twitter.

Troy McQuagge’s tenure at US Healthcare began in 2010 when the firm was performing below expectations and was in desperate need of a turn-around. McQuagge got to work and hit the ground running. One of the first initiatives on which he focused was improving distribution. This subsidiary, known as US Health Advisors, was not as efficient as it needed to be, and under McQuagge’s leadership, the division began realizing the necessary improvements. It is the recognition of his results with improving US Health Advisors that had a strong impact on McQuagge’s steady advancement within Us Healthcare. In 2014 his efforts culminated in being named President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm.

US Healthcare is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and focuses on providing essential coverage to self-employed individuals who do not have access to company-sponsored plans. The company also works extensively with small business owners and enables them to provide health coverage to their employees.

As competitive as the private insurance industry is, the challenge of guiding US Healthcare to a leadership position is one that McQuagge met with great and continued success. Currently, the company leads the private insurance industry in profitability and sustained growth. Under his leadership and guidance, US Healthcare continues to thrive and the CEO of the Year award from One Planet is just one of many accolades that McQuagge has received during his successful tenure.

In a recent interview with Troy McQuagge, he cites the efforts by US Healthcare in the drive for affordability as one of the most important successes that he has enjoyed. US Healthcare has expanded its offerings in order to provide its customers with a full complement of health insurance options across varying price points. He believes that providing US Healthcare’s clients with innovative options that change and adapt as their needs do is the key to ongoing and future success.

The One Planet Awards seek to recognize leaders across all industries that are making a difference and lead with excellence. The awards provide recognition of top executives, excellence in marketing, innovative products and services, public relations and corporate communications and include honorees from the world over.



Oncotarget Holds True To Its Core Values of Democratization

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Oncotarget, being the renowned multidisciplinary journal for the incorporation of free and open access, has served its readers in scientific community with the initial focus on oncology, a study that is dedicated to the prevention of disease – particularly those that are linked to cancer.

Oncotarget, through consistency, has successfully achieved this by publishing papers online and allowing the democratization of information of those said published papers.

“To ensure that scientific results are widely available” serves as their stated objective.

The reasoning behind this to have the results and the study will be reviewed democratically. Check the journal at SCImago Journal & Country Rank.

As stated before, the true conclusive goal is to use the published journal as a weapon to fight and combat diseases proactively.

Adding to the aforementioned, Oncotarget is able to collaborate with recognized scientific indexes.

The journal also archives to allow free and open access democratically to every researcher.

This is done to further to understand the study that was conducted and to reexamine the results of any said and published study

Though originally geared towards oncology, other studies have been studied and featured among the published papers of Oncotarget such as (but not limited to) chromosomes, autophagy, and microbiology.

With Oncotarget being active since 2010, the journal has accomplished another feat: it is presently the world’s largest oncology peer-reviewed research publication.

Becoming a Twice-Weekly Publication

Oncotarget is to increase the frequency of its publication.

The frequency will be increased to a twice-weekly publication.

The mission behind this is to allow for the reader and its consumers to receive new issues biweekly schedule on Tuesday and on Friday.

The stated reason to avoid any gaps or delays in the releases of their publications.


Oncotarget’s Going Into Radio!

Other exciting news includes Oncotarget is also releasing several podcasts, too.

The direct result from this is the allowance of its media consumers readily with the information that they need from Oncotarget in scientific discoveries.

The stated goal of the podcasts from Oncotarget is to allow scientists (and the scientifically-minded) to uncover new discoveries that have been uncovered through Oncotarget.

“Our mission has always been to make exceptional discoveries rapidly and widely available, eliminate borders between specialties by linking different fields of biomedical science and foster applications of basic and clinical science, stated Oncotarget’s editor-in-chief.

The series of podcasts serves as an auditory gateway for various discoveries in the scientific field.

The podcast series will be available on Stitcher, Blubrry, and Soundcloud.

Continuing Democratization

What marks this as a truly momentous moment is that Oncotarget had remained to its core value of democratization. Learn more at Research Gate.

What type of Freedomlife insurance do you need?

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Choosing life insurance is hard. It’s hard to think about and hard to understand, but important. But before calling Freedom Life Insurance you should have an idea about what kind of life insurance you will need. There are two main types of life insurance, Term life insurance and permanent life insurance. When talking about getting a life insurance policy it is important to have an idea about which one you might want to have.

Term life insurance is insurance for a specific amount of time at the end of that time the coverage stops unless you renew it or buy a new policy. This insurance is great if you have a debt that you want be sure gets paid if you die or you want to be sure your kids have money for college. If that is the case than something like a 20 year or 30 year term life insurance policy may be what you are looking for.

Term life insurance is also a good decision if you are on a limited budget, but need a large amount of life insurance. This is another policy that only pays out if you die within the timeframe specified in the agreement and unlike with permanent life insurance you can not borrow from a term life insurance policy.

There is the option of getting a convertible term policy that can change to a permanent life insurance policy without a medical examination. Ask Freedom Life Insurance about it.

Permanent life insurance policies are there for as long as you live. Permanent life insurance can also be borrowed from later if an emergency comes up. But keep in mind that if death happens before that is paid back the insurance company such will take it back from the policy before paying the beneficiary.

There are many different types of permanent and term life insurance policies to choose from, but deciding between term and permanent is the first step. A company like Freedom Life Insurance can help you decide from there.

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Focusing On Health with USHEALTH Group, Inc.

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USHEALTH GRUOUP, Inc. comprises of various family companies striving to offer the best innovative health covers for people. It is located in Fort Worth in Texas. The company has developed a diverse portfolio in such a way that the insurance coverage can be tailor-made to meet specific individual needs.

Legally, USHEALTH Group, Inc. operates through major supplementary companies that support it in its daily operations.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. offers insurance cover solutions such as life, particular illnesses, accident, dental, and vision as well as disability insurance covers. The insurance plans are suitable for families, self-employed persons, owners of small businesses and the employees. The family group of companies provides affordable, reliable and flexible insurance services to its customers. Besides, it offers secure health cover for individual and family insurance.

Nevertheless, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has managed to differentiate its service offering among its competitors in the market by enhancing long-term relationships with its customers. In Texas, the insurance marketplace is characterized by massive customer turnover but low loyalty hence; building customer loyalty makes USHEALTH Group a dependable insurance group that the customers can trust. Moreover, the insurance company has dramatically invested in a personalized attention for its clients. It has a credible USHEALTH advisory team that dedicates its expertise to excellent customer care and service as well as innovation. At USHEALTH Group, Inc. each client is treated as a unique asset.

Notably, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has an exceptional experience of over fifty years in the insurance industry. Therefore, customers are assured of quality family and individual as well as business insurance services. Also, the company thrives on a daily mission of healing other people each new day. It aims at making positive changes in the lives of people through better insurance plans.

As such, family health insurance is better than in the past. A family can comfortably settle on a convenient and affordable insurance plan suitable for its health needs. The program can be on a short-term or long-term basis. USHEALTH Group, Inc. always aims at helping families and individuals, as well as businesses, choose the best insurance plans. Visit:


Nathaniel Ru’s Advice on How to Do Something That Outlives You

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A look at the start of Sweetgreen, a fast restaurant store that sells salad reveals that necessity is very critical in establishing a company.

While Nathaniel Ru and his friends were at Georgetown University, Wahington, D.C., they frequently faced the challenge of identifying ‘fun and easy’ places to eat. They thought of starting an eatery in that area. Their journey was not a simple one and was based on the following factors. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and


When Nathaniel Ru and his friends identified a perfect place to locate their business, the landlord was not convinced. They had to keep pressuring her until she agreed to meet with them. They had an excellent business plan that easily swayed the landlord into supporting their idea. The three friends quickly found backers for their project and an architect.

Give People a Reason to Buy Your Product

For those seeking to do something that outlives them, they must people a reason to consume their products. Sweetgreen has never been just about salads. The company works hard to be social, smart, and loyal to their customers. Despite the fact that the company has over 20 stores across America, each store seeks to serve the local community based on its needs.

The Power of Music

In 2009, Sweetgreen opened a new store near Dupont Circle. Despite the strategic location of the store, not a single client showed up in the first two weeks. The company had to come up with something to give people a reason to visit the store apart from the salad. Soon, they introduced music every Saturday and Sunday, and the customers flocked the store.

For any company that grows, there is need to ensure that each new store is unique to the needs of the local population. Under Ru, every Sweetgreen shop has a food-sourcing blackboard that shows the inputs that were sourced from the local community. This makes the local community associate with the store in their location.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is an American businessman, famous for co-founding Sweetgreen with two close friends, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme. His excellent management skills have not gone unnoticed as Forbes recently named him among the “30 under 30” individuals to keep an eye on in the food and wine sector.

Ru and his friends started Sweetgreen in Washington, DC ten years ago. Since then, the business has opened over 40 stores in different cities around the country. All the three friends come from families with a history of entrepreneurship. The company uses a combination of factors such as location and the timing of opening to attract more clients.

Securus Technologies Is Presenting New Methods For Inmate Crime Rates In Prisons

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If you were given the opportunity to make prisons a safer place for inmates, would you want to help them? For those who are behind bars and the workers who work to keep them under control, Securus Technologies is looking to find a way to make the prison safer for all.


Securus Technologies is approached each year to find a new way to create a safer place for inmates and correctional officers who work in the field. It is during the year that they plan, promote, fulfill the need for products and services to be used by inmates and officers.


There is a reason why there is a limit on the items that inmates can have access to while in prison. The lack of personal cell phones is to help keep inmates safe as well as keeping them under watch while in prison. If the inmates are given the opportunity to make phone calls, they are then free to call anyone. This could cause a problem for those who are testifying against them as well as creating a tamper with witness charge.


The prevention of cell phones is just one thing that Securus is doing to prevent phones from falling into the hands of inmates. The use of a device to cut off the mobile signal from inside of the prison is helping to keep contraband under control within the prison walls.


If you are charged with something that you are awaiting trial for, you might discuss the facts surrounding the case which then can be used against them or to help them during a trial. The phone calls made from the prison system will be able to be heard by others. If need be, the chance to subpoena the phone records can either help or break a case.