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Richard Mishaan: The Interior Design Guru

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When anyone talks about Interior Design in New York, the Richard Mishaan Design firm will always pop up in their mind. The Richard Mishaan Design firm has gone a long way in creating a wide market base for itself. This is as a result of the excellent work the Richard Mishaan Design firm always provides its clients. Founded and run by Richard Mishaan himself, both the company and the owner have achieved a lot including publication of interior design books.


Richard Mishaan Design firm has worked on many projects which are displayed to customers on their website to show the great end-results. The Tribeca Residence captures the eye of all the projects and it is beautifully and sequentially displayed on the website.


The Tribeca Residence covers all areas from the living room which has been well-spaced, fitted with high-end furniture, and completed with the best fabric curtains. The residence also has a world class carpet all the way to the master bedroom which has been fitted with a king-sized bed, complete with a matching color cabinet and chair. All areas done by Richard Mishaan Design have been made to be very spacious, and the colors are perfectly blended to match and complete the whole outlook. The pieces of furniture that have been placed around the house by Richard Mishaan Design firm are also of the best quality and design to give the best comfort. At the same time, the stairs have been done perfectly complete with a wooden furnish.


Richard Mishaan also shows off his expertise on interior design in his two books namely Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Both books dig deep into the best interior design options available to homeowners to choose from! Modern Luxury portrays how Richard Mishaan combines his art, style, and furniture with an addition of knowledge design from different parts of the world to come up with world-class interior designs.

Doe Deere: Internet Sensation Turned Successful Business Woman

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Doe Deere went from an internet sensation due to her amazing make up looks to a business woman with her own make up brand. She expresses her love for make up in so many ways and that is illustrated through her work. She calls her fans unicorns to show them that they are creative and beautiful individuals. Doe Deere caters to her fans with vibrant and out there colors in order to convey that you can still be an adult and have fun or remain youthful. If you have ever seen a Lime Crime lippie you are well aware how amazing the formula and colors are which is really hard to come across in an industry that tries to push out product for low prices. Another thing that has contributed to not only Doe Deere but her overall brand’s success is the fact that she listens to feedback. While she prides herself on listening to everyone from fans to foes, she keeps in mind to not let the haters get her down. In this day and age anyone with a computer can make up fake stories but she acknowledges what is real and what is just being said to trash her brand. This is a very important distinction to make. It is very easy to give up and listen to the haters; however, this has pushed Doe Deere! Her company is an international success. She also encourages others to find their passion and ambition and shows them that they too can also successful. Doe Deere mentors aspiring female entrepreneurs and encourages them to reach out to her via her social media in order for her to do so. Some could attribute the success of Lime Crime Cosmetics to the fact that it was one of the first cosmetic brands to focus on its online presence. Many told Doe Deere that that could be its ultimately downfall; however, she believed in it and persisted even before online shopping was huge and went for it. Her innovative moves such as that have made Lime Crime what it is today. She saw the opportunity in it and decided to go down that path. This is inspirational for us all, not just those looking to make it in the beauty industry. If you have a certain talent it is okay to pursue it and be passionate about it even if others say it will not pan out in your favor. Taking a chance is what life is all about and is what many such as Doe Deere can attribute their success to. Hard work and passion can take you just about anywhere.

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Orage Coast College and Its Great Rowing Team

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Orange Coast College, also known as OCC, is a Community College located in Costa Mesa, Southern California, only a few minutes drive is the beautiful Pacific Ocean. It was founded in 1947 and first opened its doors for classes in 1948.

Orange Coast College is one of the Nation’s finest Community Colleges, enrolling more than 25000 students each term. The community college offers a wide variety of curriculum courses, as well as sports teams for the students who enroll.

One such sport offered is the sport of rowing. Since the birth of the school, over 60 years ago, the OCC Rowers have captured 11 National titles!! Just last year the team was honored with a National title. The OCC Rowers Team has had 10 of its team members go on to compete in World Championships and even the Olympic rowing teams.

When one enters the David A. Grant collegiate Rowing Center, located in Newport Beach, California, it is as if one has stepped through time and back in history. Boats stacked neatly, some cost as much as $55,000; there are several red-and-white flags from past Nationals, as well as photos of past winning teams hanging on the walls. Learn more about Orange Coast College:

The Orange Coast College Rowing team is a serious team. Even though many of its members have never rowed on a team prior to joining the team. It takes great strength, not only physical but mindset strength, as well, to be great at this sport. Read more: Orange Coast Colleg | Facebook

If one member of the team is off it can cause the whole team to be off. For this reason practice starts early in the morning at the same exact time sharp. It takes great dedication of each team member for the team to succeed and go on to the Nationals.

Not only dedication and sacrifice of the team members, but often time the family of each team member must make sacrifices as well, by allowing the team member to commit themselves fully to being on this great rowing team.

The Funding of Migrants Rights Organizations in Arizona by Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin

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Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey are the co-founders of village voice media and Phoenix New Times. These two are journalists by profession. Lacey and Larkin Frontera fund support groups that advocate for human, civil, and migrants rights, civic participation, and freedom of speech. The source of funds for the project is the $3.75 million that was paid in settlement after their brief stint with Sheriff Joe Arpaio back in October 2007.

Amnesty International is a non-governmental organization that focuses on protection of human rights. The main goal of Amnesty is to do research that provides solutions for ending human rights abuse and obtaining justice for all individuals whose rights have been violated. Amnesty was founded in July 1961 in London and has since grown.

It has branches across the globe and boasts of over 700 million supporters. The organization is committed to campaigns against torture and extrajudicial killings. Amnesty Presses for action through protests and letters and uses analysis to influence decision makers and governments to observe human rights. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey:

The report of amnesty International; In Hostile Terrain, examines the violation of human rights associated with immigration enforcement. A case study is the report on immigration enforcement at the US border that states that; Enforcement of immigration in USA is a federal responsibility. State laws create a barrier to immigrants accessing basic human rights like education, and basic needs like food and shelter.

The immigrants do not receive justice whenever they fall prey to criminal activities such as domestic violence and human trafficking. Amnesty has also observed that tough regulation in the U.S has resulted in immigrants opting for dangerous routes that result in several deaths each year.

Civil rights refer to full and equal treatment economically, socially, and legally regardless of one’s gender, age, religion, or ethnicity. Amnesty International has observed that there is global assault of people’s civil rights by several governments worldwide. Citizens’ rights are in jeopardy and are being treated in contempt by most governments in different countries.

Governments shamelessly refer to protection of human rights as a threat to national values, laws, and security. Civil rights movements like Amnesty International dedicate their efforts towards equality for everyone in the society regardless of other factors that they are affiliated to like age, colour, and religion. Read more: About Lacey and Larkin- Frontera Fund and Jim Larkin | Huffington Post

Civil laws arise from federal legislations following the decision of federal courts. Different countries and cities endorse their own civil rights. Violation of civil rights is an offence that should be presented to a Civil Rights Attorney.

Arthur Becker Speaks on Preparation in the Business Field.

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Arthur Becker has long been one of our favorite entrepreneurs to follow. Looking through his career trajectory and the various companies that he has stopped at or founded along the way can be an enlightening approach for future business professionals. Becker has most recently started focusing on his work as a Managing Partner at Madison Partners, LLC and that is where we will spend most of our focus today.

Approaching the world of investing can be a heady experience, particularly when you are choosing to branch out of your comfort zone. Becker got his first start within the investment world by working in the tech sector. He became the Chairman and CEO of NaviSite back in 2003 and it was there, for nearly a decade that he flourished within the industry. However, Becker wanted much more than what NaviSite had to offer and so he made the transition to Madison Partners LLC. Madison Partners is an investment firm that is focused on the real estate and bio tech industries. Becker had always been interested in getting into real estate but bio tech was a completely new venture for him. More details can be found on LinkedIn.

When approaching a project you have to be aware of how long profitability can take to come to fruition. Becker says that he lucked out with technology saying, “I had almost an immediate profit on several investments in the technology side of things.” Becker goes on to say that this was a satisfying reward, but it wasn’t as easily replicated in future endeavors. the reason? “I rushed my business instead of taking my time.”

No matter how you choose to pursue your future business investments there is one concept that needs to stay in the forefront of your mind, “It’s easy to doubt yourself if you don’t know what you are doing.” Becker goes on to explain that his path to erasing self-doubt started by simply preparing. Becker says, “I knew what I had to do and which businesses and houses I needed to invest in. I would say that knowing all the verticals in business before diving in because it can get confusing.”

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Fabletics Hopes To Grow Its Revenue By Tapping Into The Market Of Plus Size Individuals

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In the industry of film and entertainment, award-winning actress Kate Hudson has acted it all and done it all. That is why she has decided to focus her energies in the field of fashion. Kate has created one of the most disruptive companies in the fashion retail space. She has created Fabletics, a company that employs a Warber Parker-like e-commerce model in providing high-end fashion solutions to its members.


Fabletics was born in the year 2013 under a growing need for affordable athleisure apparel. The firm has recorded a lot of growth and is currently valued at a massive $250 million. So what drove Kate Hudson into the fashion industry? Kate Hudson saw an opportunity in the high-end fashion market. She believed that with quality products which are priced correctly and delivered to customers in a non-conventional way, she could give big players such Amazon a run for their money.


Under the guidance of Fabletics’ mother company, Techstyle, Kate Hudson was able to disrupt the fashion retail industry. In under five years, Fabletics has managed to attract a cult following on social media. On Twitter, the firm commands a following of over 21 million people. Fabletic’s e-commerce site boasts of 1.2 million monthly members from eight nations across the globe. The company’s subscribers can enjoy 50 percent discounts on their favorite apparel. With a monthly subscription of $49, members get a sports gear that comprises of a top, sports bra and pants which are based on the individual taste of the customer.


According to Kate Hudson, a venture can only be successful when the owner is hands on, keen enough to identify new opportunities and robust sufficient to believe in themselves. Kate has a lot of passion for fashion and hopes to make a change in the lives of people through that industry.


Fabletics is taking the Athleisure apparel war straight to the door of fashion giants such as Nike. Its clothes are cheaper than those of these big businesses. Additionally, Fabletics has invested in customer experience and support. Kate Hudson hopes to leverage the power of big data to predict trends and new opportunities in the field of fashion. Fabletics made an important announcement recently when it revealed its plans to launch Athleisure apparel for the plus size women. This development is expected to trigger new revenue growth prospects for the firm.

Doe Deere Relies on Her Intuition

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Doe Deere is happy doing what she does. It is easy to tell when people take a look at her Lime Crime makeup brand. She is always excited about the various colors that she presents for a new generation of consumers that want to stand out.


What Doe Deere has done is present herself as a cosmetics line that was going to come up with unusual colors that could not be found anywhere else. She decided to do this in 2008 when she came up with the concept of cruelty free cosmetics. She has been running the cosmetics industry ever since, and her fans have been growing because she continues to innovate and bring new things forth.


There are a combination of things that have contributed to the success that Doe Deere has. One of the things is her ability to bring new ideas to life. She believes that it is important to push past the challenges and do your very best to make a product that people are interested in. When she originally decided to start this business online she was told numerous times that this would not be successful. It is hard to believe that she has such a tremendous following, but there are more than a million people that follow the Lime Crime Instagram account. What this means is that she has an audience that is very interested in seeing what she is trying to do. People are trying to see what she is going to come up with next, and that is the thing that has allowed her to stay relevant to the fans that love her different shades of lipstick.


An assortment of the lipstick shades are directly promoted by Doe Deere. She has become a powerful business leader that has managed to even gain the likes of some celebrities like Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child.


Doe Deere is aware that a lot of her success is a direct contribution to the hard work that she has put in. She is someone that has a business strategy that relies a lot on her gut instinct. She has always stated that she is in tune with her intuition for building her brand. She knows when she is creating something that consumers want, and she is not going to stifle her creativity by what others may think of her brand. Her bold determination has made her successful.


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WEN Products-Do They Actually Work?

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If you’re interested in Wen hair care products but just aren’t sure if they actually do what they say they will do, then read on to find out what happened when Emily McClure tried WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner for a week. You can read the original Bustle article here.

On day one, Emily started with frizzy and greasy hair but after showering with WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, her hair already felt thicker. She noticed that she lost less hair to the drain too. Her hair felt bouncy and shiny.

On day two after showering, her hair was once again voluminous and shiny, although when she woke up, her roots felt more greasy than normal.

After her shower on day three, her hair was shiny and healthy. She even used her usual styling products.

She didn’t have time to shower on the morning on day four, and her hair was feeling very greasy and unmanageable.

Day five brought complete hair confidence and her hair felt very soft, although her waves fell more quickly than usual.

Day six brought compliments from friends on the shininess of her hair and day seven brought great looking hair as well.

Overall, WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a great product that will benefit any hair type. It just may take a little more time to get the best results.

WEN hair products will help you to achieve healthier hair with its natural ingredient formula. It is sulfate-free so it won’t damage your hair and will actually help to strengthen your locks with natural ingredients like glycerin, wild cherry bark, panthenol, and rosemary extract.

WEN hair care products were created by Chaz Dean, a man who is very passionate about hair and styles hair for celebrities and award and fashion shows. Wen products are available on Guthy-Renker and QVC stores nationwide.


Bruno Fagali’s Career as an Anti-Corruption Lawyer

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If you live in Brazil, you have probably had about Bruno Fagali. Fagali is a renowned attorney who is also a specialist in anti-corruption law. He is also the founder of FAGALI advocacy. The Brazilian attorney is not only known for his professionalism and integrity in the legal profession but he is also handles cases of a varying nature.

Bruno Fagali’s areas of practice include urban law, civil and administrative liability processes, administrative contracts, bidding law and public civil actions. He is also passionate about regulatory law and popular actions. As an attorney, he has gained a lot of trust from his clients as well as the general public. His efforts to fight corruption in both the civil and administrative sectors are applauded by most Brazilians.

Bruno Fagali has always been driven by the need to help clean the system from corruption. As a result, he has initiated many actions with the aim of doing exactly that. Apart from targeting the public sector, he has also been approached by the private sector. Some of his clients include corporate firms which want to achieve the highest level of transparency and accountability in their organizations.

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FAGALI Advocacy

FAGALI Advocacy is a firm which was set up by Bruno Fagali so as to help him reach more people and do more. The main areas which the firm deals with include compliance law, election, anti-corrution law and public law. According to Fagali, these four areas are very crucial considering that they are the pillars of social equality.

Apart from his law office, Fagali also works at Nova/bs as their Corporate Integrity Manager. The advertising firm is one of the most prominent ones in Brazil and they do advertisements for the government as well as organizations such as the World Health Organization.


Madison Street Capital Is An Award-Winning Investment Firm For Several Reasons

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One of the keys to putting a merger or an acquisition together is getting shareholders to agree. Shareholders and investors have different agendas and unique perceptions about the nature of a merger or acquisition. Some shareholders are interested in growth potential and consumer awareness more than other investors. But almost all investors want more profit. Being a true capitalist means paying attention to the rewards more than the difficulties. And there are a lot of difficulties when it comes to merging with another company. Even small and medium size company mergers are hard to complete. Some investors don’t like change.



Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based M&A investment firm has an unusually high success rate in the small and medium size M&A industry. That’s what Madison Street Capital is a finalist for the 15th annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Awards are like the Academy Awards in the movie industry. Nominated investment firms for an M&A Advisor Award are the cream of the crop in the financial industry. The Madison Street Capital reputation for closing difficult and complicated mergers is one of the reasons the firm is a finalist.



The executive team at Madison Street Capital, under the direction of CEO Charles Botchway and COO Tony Marsala, are experts in merging two different companies, even when there is friction between management and shareholders in both companies. Botchway and Marsala are also able to provide other services to companies that are not ready to merge or be acquired. Madison Street offers valuation services and financial investment help to companies that need those services.



The merger price is always the top concern of shareholders and investors. Layoffs and cost issues also prevent some companies from closing a merger deal with another company. But some small and medium size mergers make too much sense not to consider. Madison Street executives are the sense makers in those transactions. There may be language issues or cultural challenges when mergers take place between companies in emerging markets and established markets. The slightest quirk could spoil the deal, so Botchway and Marsala make sure all the cultural and language challenges are on the table first.



Madison Street Capital continues to set an example for other investment firms. The firm continues to win awards and continues to establish intercompany goals. Every day is another adventure in the merger and acquisition world, and Botchway and Marsala and their team meet each day with excitement, and the will to close the next deal.


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