David McDonald: Secrets to his Success

David McDonald is the President of the leading global food provider OSI Group. McDonald began at the firm approximately 30 years ago in the role of Project Manager. He worked his way up there to his current role of President of OSI Group. He is also a Member of OSI Group’s board of directors. McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University, and lacrosse camp David McDonald OSI Group.

In an interview in Inspirery, David McDonald discusses his background, strategies, inspiration and goals. McDonald states that he entered the food industry because he had always held an interest in biology and agriculture. His Website, He explains that OSI was able to become profitable at an early stage through the formation of successful partnerships within the industry. David McDonald summarizes OSI’s vision as being “to meet and surpass customer expectations.” He believes it is the quality provided by OSI that enabled them to attract customers initially and to retain them. McDonald states, “At OSI, we view our staff and customers as family… This keeps our clients coming back”, and http://www.osigroup.com/news/.

David McDonald’s thoughts on what makes him successful include OSI’s ability to forge valuable partnerships and understand local cultures. He feels that becoming part of local culture is one of OSI’s best marketing strategies. Additionally, he cites OSI’s “entrepreneurial passion and can-do ethic” as being key to their success. McDonald mentions “Time Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective” as one inspirational book that he feels contains valuable insights and advice, particularly since OSI does much business dealing in foreign countries.

When asked what the future of his business holds, David McDonald asserts that “We will continue the path that brings the highest value to our clients.” In closing, David McDonald says that he is proud of OSI but does not brag. He observes that the clients often leave positive feedback about the company, which serves to showcase OSI to other consumers, and read full article.