Alex Pall + Andrew Taggart = The Chainsmokers

In a 2016 Mathias Rosenzweig interview of the Chainsmokers about their latest track, Closer. It featured Halsey and starred half of the duo, Andrew Taggart, which is rare for this DJ group that focus on electronic landscapes. Thus, Ms. Rosenzweig spoke to the two about their single Closer, their evolvement, and their identity.

In the beginning, Alex Pall was DJing New York, but it was more of a passionate side job until their manager introduced them to each other and Andrew Taggart moved to New York where they centered their life on their music. Beforehand, Taggart was a college student who was interested in DJing, electronic music, and production.

They knew they could work together based on musical similarities and their drive to make it. They observed the music scene to know what was trending while building a selfhood. They did not look at creating music/themselves as a job, but development and hard work was a must.

Moreover, they dealt with finding a strong identity in the electronic genre. Because there are many similar sounds or people following the popular song it can become difficult for them to standout. Nevertheless, they buckled down and composed music that some could describe as indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop music making them more popular. But with an increase of popularity, older songs are now being listened to and they are more developed then their starting point such as “Don’t Let Me Down” versus “Closer.”

Alex and Andrew always base their music on their life experiences, even when working with other artists they guide the writing process or write most to all their music. And with that they also worked on making a cohesive album, they wanted to develop a concept versus releasing several songs that had nothing to do with the next.

Furthermore, when working with Halsey, they had her at the top of their list and loved her voice and strong personality. They felt she fitted greatly with the song, Closer, that Andrew and their buddy wrote, and they produced because it shows progression in the music industry and for what they represent.

Pall explains how he’s excited that the music they write with help of technology, Instagram, can help transpire to many age groups as well as genders. Taggart expresses how having a diverse audience is a good pressure for them to make a well-thought-out stage.

To close, Alex Pall greatly stated that visuals such as short acts and mixing of their past performances add to creating an exciting show. Also, due to the industry today, they must continuously push themselves for bigger and better stages as well as develop their music to stay relevant.