Rocketship Education.

Rocketship Education.

Rocket is a network of public charter schools that specialize in offering educational services to the less fortunate communities globally. These schools are non-profit generating. These schools were founded in the year 2006. The main aim that brought the idea of starting the Rocketship Education was to eliminate the gap between the poor and the rich regarding education access. To achieve the intended goal, Rocketship Education had to strategize on approaches that could build a sustainable and scalable model of schools that could offer high-quality education services to the underserviced societies.

The principal of Rocketship Education model is to have a teacher-guided and technology supported method of customizing learning that suitably places every student in their best productive positions and helping them use their time in the right way. Rocketship involves parents and guardians in their student’s learning. It makes parents become ultimate promoters of their children’s education and also community development.

Offering services in collaboration with parents, guardians, Community Organizations, other charter schools, and districts catalyzes the productivity that enhances elimination of the attainment gap in the people’s lives.

The month of January marks the beginning of a new year. It’s the month that individuals, organizations, and companies come up with fresh ideas, new resolutions that they propel them throughout the year. Rocketship Education students utilize their new year mark to not only to represent where they are but also to determine and focus on where they are going to. Rocketship Education is among the best schools that produce the best students in the United States since they are taught by extraordinarily talented teachers. Teachers at Rocketship Education are always careful about the extensive academic involvement.

As the New Year begins, students undergo some habitual transformation that helps them to install new, practical skills and strategies that propel them to attaining their goals for that year. Students become motivated when they naturally employ hard work on their projects and raise attendance. To ensure students are motivated, Rocketship Staff and Teachers offer their skills to the best focusing on providing a dependably stable and productive educational experience.