Jose Hawilla Defines the Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

Jose Hawilla is a highly successful Brazilian entrepreneur who made envious achievements in sports marketing and media industries. To help the aspiring entrepreneurs, he provided his observations regarding individuals and entrepreneurship. Hawilla thinks that people should have some specific characteristics to be successful as entrepreneurs. Also, the country people invest, including its business climate, is highly important in deciding ventures successful. Hawilla explained the factor with the help of Global Entrepreneurship Index for the year 2016. According to the Index, the United States became the top destination for entrepreneurs with a score of 86.2%.

The country gives excellent support to its citizens and became a land of opportunities with a number of options. It provides quick loan approvals for small businesses, support groups, tax incentives, and more. Even the other developed countries are not far behind. Canada spotted in the second place with an index score of 79.5%, and Australia raced to the third position with a score of 78%. Jose Hawilla asks the entrepreneurs to establish small businesses than big ventures. He thinks that small business sector creates more job opportunities, products, and diverse solutions. Check out estadao to see more.

According to Jose Hawilla, entrepreneurship is mostly personality driven, and people should nurture certain qualities to become successful. He thinks that every successful entrepreneur should be passionate by their personal as well as family considerations. They should always showcase the desire of being independent as it can shape their thoughts better to become successful. Additionally, such people should be adaptable and quick to react to the changes. Finally, they should be dedicated to all the initiatives they began, irrespective of its importance.

Jose Hawilla began his career as a journalist and became one of the few reputed news reporters in the country in a quick span of time by predominantly covering major sports events. However, he decided to move on to the sports marketing industry by establishing Traffic in 1980. You can visit Globo to know more.

The group has the television rights of a large number of association football tournaments such as Copa América, South American Under-17 Football Championship, Copa Sudamericana, World Cup qualifiers, and more. Hawilla also invested in the media industry and holds the ownership of several Brazilian newspapers.

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