Troy McQuagge Awarded the Prestigious One Planet Award: Named CEO of the Year

US Healthcare CEO, Troy McQuagge has won the Gold! McQuagge has been named the CEO of the Year by One Planet. This prestigious award is open to the leaders of all types of global companies, whether they be long-established or a new start-up. The CEO of the Year is presented to a leader that holds many important qualities such as professional excellence. The award is open to all CEOs from public or private companies and can be bestowed on leaders of either non-profit or for-profit firms. US Healthcare is honored that this year’s recipient is their very own CEO, Troy McQuagge. Follow Troy McQuagge at Twitter.

Troy McQuagge’s tenure at US Healthcare began in 2010 when the firm was performing below expectations and was in desperate need of a turn-around. McQuagge got to work and hit the ground running. One of the first initiatives on which he focused was improving distribution. This subsidiary, known as US Health Advisors, was not as efficient as it needed to be, and under McQuagge’s leadership, the division began realizing the necessary improvements. It is the recognition of his results with improving US Health Advisors that had a strong impact on McQuagge’s steady advancement within Us Healthcare. In 2014 his efforts culminated in being named President and Chief Executive Officer of the firm.

US Healthcare is headquartered in Fort Worth, Texas and focuses on providing essential coverage to self-employed individuals who do not have access to company-sponsored plans. The company also works extensively with small business owners and enables them to provide health coverage to their employees.

As competitive as the private insurance industry is, the challenge of guiding US Healthcare to a leadership position is one that McQuagge met with great and continued success. Currently, the company leads the private insurance industry in profitability and sustained growth. Under his leadership and guidance, US Healthcare continues to thrive and the CEO of the Year award from One Planet is just one of many accolades that McQuagge has received during his successful tenure.

In a recent interview with Troy McQuagge, he cites the efforts by US Healthcare in the drive for affordability as one of the most important successes that he has enjoyed. US Healthcare has expanded its offerings in order to provide its customers with a full complement of health insurance options across varying price points. He believes that providing US Healthcare’s clients with innovative options that change and adapt as their needs do is the key to ongoing and future success.

The One Planet Awards seek to recognize leaders across all industries that are making a difference and lead with excellence. The awards provide recognition of top executives, excellence in marketing, innovative products and services, public relations and corporate communications and include honorees from the world over.