Nathaniel Ru’s Advice on How to Do Something That Outlives You

A look at the start of Sweetgreen, a fast restaurant store that sells salad reveals that necessity is very critical in establishing a company.

While Nathaniel Ru and his friends were at Georgetown University, Wahington, D.C., they frequently faced the challenge of identifying ‘fun and easy’ places to eat. They thought of starting an eatery in that area. Their journey was not a simple one and was based on the following factors. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru: and


When Nathaniel Ru and his friends identified a perfect place to locate their business, the landlord was not convinced. They had to keep pressuring her until she agreed to meet with them. They had an excellent business plan that easily swayed the landlord into supporting their idea. The three friends quickly found backers for their project and an architect.

Give People a Reason to Buy Your Product

For those seeking to do something that outlives them, they must people a reason to consume their products. Sweetgreen has never been just about salads. The company works hard to be social, smart, and loyal to their customers. Despite the fact that the company has over 20 stores across America, each store seeks to serve the local community based on its needs.

The Power of Music

In 2009, Sweetgreen opened a new store near Dupont Circle. Despite the strategic location of the store, not a single client showed up in the first two weeks. The company had to come up with something to give people a reason to visit the store apart from the salad. Soon, they introduced music every Saturday and Sunday, and the customers flocked the store.

For any company that grows, there is need to ensure that each new store is unique to the needs of the local population. Under Ru, every Sweetgreen shop has a food-sourcing blackboard that shows the inputs that were sourced from the local community. This makes the local community associate with the store in their location.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is an American businessman, famous for co-founding Sweetgreen with two close friends, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme. His excellent management skills have not gone unnoticed as Forbes recently named him among the “30 under 30” individuals to keep an eye on in the food and wine sector.

Ru and his friends started Sweetgreen in Washington, DC ten years ago. Since then, the business has opened over 40 stores in different cities around the country. All the three friends come from families with a history of entrepreneurship. The company uses a combination of factors such as location and the timing of opening to attract more clients.