How Boaraie Restored Brunswick From Its Dearth

Boraie Development is an urban real estate company which has been credited with reviving Brunswick from its deathbed. Mr. Boraie deals with real estate development, sales/marketing, and property management. Boraie Development works closely with large financial institutions, architects, and contractors who facilitate service delivery during their projects. The company was established by Omar Boraie, who was then a scholar of chemistry who had migrated from Egypt. He is a 76-year-old president of the Boraie Development LLC. He had his vision to restore Brunswick to a vibrant city in 1972. That was a wild vision considering that the town was so bad by then that you could not venture out past 4 p.m. Most of the former inhabitants had also fled leaving it deserted. Omar Boraie decided then that he wanted to rebuild the city.

According to Phillypurge, Albany Street Plaza Tower One was his first project in the city after he acquired 21 other run-down buildings that were standing empty on the block he wanted to erect this building. The building stood at 250,000 square feet and was completed in the 90s. This building consisted of office spaces. In 2003 Tower Two was completed. These two towers provided class An office spaces which were in dire need at the time. The next project Boraie development took upon itself was to establish was to build some very classy residential buildings. This was proved to be very vital for the growth of the city. At twenty-five stories and 121 residential units, this One Spring Street Condominium building is the tallest building in Brunswick. The building also has an office and retail space, parking garage and ample outdoor space for barbeques or bonding with your pet.

Sam Boraie and his company recently finished a project called The Aspire; a luxury high-rise residential suites. Boraie Development has been able to fulfill the mission that was set for it to restore Brunswick 4 decades ago. Despite the many doubters, the city is once again vibrant; more than it was ever before. Omar Boraie believes that luxury residential spaces will bring a specific population back to Brunswick. These include professionals such as doctors, academicians, teachers and so forth. Check out Central Jersey Working Moms for more.

Boraie Development gives back to the New Jersey community by sponsoring activities which have brought diverse, families together for leisure. One of this, as published by the New Jersey Stage; was sponsoring free movie viewing throughout the summer at the State Theatre. All the movies are screened at the theater free of charge for the local community. Camping activities also take place around the great 1,850-seat theatre. Visit Bloomberg to know more.

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