Fabletics: Standing Out In Activewear Fashion

Fabletics is a one of a kind brand that takes pride in the kind of clothing that they put out. The brand first opened its doors for business in 2013 and since then has been doing extremely well. They have managed to take over the entire industry with ease. The founder of Fabletics is Kate Hudson, who partook on this venture along with Don Ressler and Adam Goldenberg. The three of them worked to the best of their abilities to come out with a fashion brand that would break barriers and come out strong as a name to compete with. Besides Kate Hudson, the brand has also formed collaborations with other celebrities like Demi Lovato. Demi was behind one of the newest lines of clothing that the brand came out with, and featured her songs lyrics on some of the pieces of clothing.


To Fabletics, their customers are everything. They know that no matter how much they invest into tv ads and commercials, one of the things that drive audiences to their website is reviews from other people. For this purpose, Fabletics has roped in numerous fashion bloggers and stylists to try out the clothing that Fabletics makes, and to write reviews about them. The reports are published on the Fabletics website and also on other popular clothing websites which would help redirect audiences. The brand knows that reviews are one of the most important things to a brand and therefore, one would need to invest into that to gain more customers.


The brand invests a lot into market research to find out what works for the company and also what does not. The brand was able to find out what their customers want and was able to provide them with just that in a proper manner. The brand wanted to be able to find a way to retain a significant number of people simply coming to them. Fabletics decided to implement a membership system which allowed customers to receive a set of clothing every month from the brand. Every month, the customers would have to log onto the site and choose what they like. Thereon, the products will get shipped to them, and they will get the latest in activewear clothing without much effort. Fabletics has made shopping for activewear incredibly comfortable and convenient. People from all over the country are turning to this brand to get their latest dose of activewear fashion.


Even though a lot of people like to shop online, there are still groups of people who are rather averse to the idea and prefer seeing the product first before going out and buying them. For this purpose, the brand decided to launch physical stores in various locations across the country. People could head to any of the Fabletics stores and check out the clothing that the brand has to offer. They can try on the clothing here and get a feel of what they could get online. The store functions more like a dressing room rather than a store and advises people to try on as much as they like.