Doe Deere: Internet Sensation Turned Successful Business Woman

Doe Deere went from an internet sensation due to her amazing make up looks to a business woman with her own make up brand. She expresses her love for make up in so many ways and that is illustrated through her work. She calls her fans unicorns to show them that they are creative and beautiful individuals. Doe Deere caters to her fans with vibrant and out there colors in order to convey that you can still be an adult and have fun or remain youthful. If you have ever seen a Lime Crime lippie you are well aware how amazing the formula and colors are which is really hard to come across in an industry that tries to push out product for low prices. Another thing that has contributed to not only Doe Deere but her overall brand’s success is the fact that she listens to feedback. While she prides herself on listening to everyone from fans to foes, she keeps in mind to not let the haters get her down. In this day and age anyone with a computer can make up fake stories but she acknowledges what is real and what is just being said to trash her brand. This is a very important distinction to make. It is very easy to give up and listen to the haters; however, this has pushed Doe Deere! Her company is an international success. She also encourages others to find their passion and ambition and shows them that they too can also successful. Doe Deere mentors aspiring female entrepreneurs and encourages them to reach out to her via her social media in order for her to do so. Some could attribute the success of Lime Crime Cosmetics to the fact that it was one of the first cosmetic brands to focus on its online presence. Many told Doe Deere that that could be its ultimately downfall; however, she believed in it and persisted even before online shopping was huge and went for it. Her innovative moves such as that have made Lime Crime what it is today. She saw the opportunity in it and decided to go down that path. This is inspirational for us all, not just those looking to make it in the beauty industry. If you have a certain talent it is okay to pursue it and be passionate about it even if others say it will not pan out in your favor. Taking a chance is what life is all about and is what many such as Doe Deere can attribute their success to. Hard work and passion can take you just about anywhere.

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