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End Citizens United Throws its Political Weight Behind No PAC Democrat Beto O’Rourke

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The End Citizens United PAC has been looking to publicize the campaign of a Democratic candidate for a Senate seat representing the people of Texas that is currently held by well known Republican Ted Cruz. End Citizens United is itself registered as a traditional PAC where the level of funds provided by individuals or groups is limited unlike the Super PAC’s the liberal group is battling to bring an to; the decision by Beto O’Rourke to limit the funding provided by PAC’s will not allow End Citizens United to provide funding for the campaign, but the group can publicize the growing campaign that took in over $2 million in funding from grassroots sources across the second quarter of 2017.


End Citizens United have thrown their weight behind the campaigns of Democrats who support bringing an end to the Supreme Court decision known as Citizens United that allowed wealthy donors the opportunity to provide support to the political party and candidates of their choice without financial limitations. Democrat Beto O’Rourke has already shown he shares many of the beliefs of End Citizens United by introducing a bill that would halt all PAC and Super PAC money being directed towards Congressional candidates; despite the fact he is refusing aid from End Citizens United, the group is directing its members across the U.S. to work to add to the funding for the campaign that has reported averaging donations of around $44.


The End Citizens United group has quickly become a major group supporting the people of the U.S. who feel they are not being fairly represented by politicians being influenced by some of the wealthiest donors in the world. Only accepting grassroots donations, End Citizens United has registered in the U.S. as a traditional PAC who will limit the donations of any donor to just $5,000; the group believes this will halt any wealthy donor attempting to bring their influence to bear on the political direction End Citizens United will take in the coming years.


Despite only being established in the buildup to the 2016 U.S. Presidential election cycle, End Citizens United has already built a large base of supporters who are working to bring an end to the Supreme Court decisions establishing Super PAC’s. In the first three months of 2017, End Citizens United built a fund for the 2018 midterms to around $4 million and hopes to extend this to $35 million by the time the midterm campaigns hit their stride. Among the decisions made by End Citizens United has been the choice to back Democratic candidates who have shown they are supportive of the bid to bring an end to wealthy donors and Super PAC’s extending their political influence as the 21st century moves forward.


Jose Henrique Borghi’s Extensive Advertising Career

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About Jose Henrique Borghi

Jose Henrique Borghi is a name well known in the Brazilian advertising industry. He has built his career in advertising by creating some of the most loved ads. Jose Henrique Borgh has more than twenty years of experience in the industry and this has enabled him to help some of the biggest firms in ad campaigns. He was born Presidente Prudente and graduated from Pontifical Catholic University with a degree in marketing and advertising.


Jose is the founder of ad agency Mullen Lowe and is considered one of the most influential names in the industry. His first advertising job was in the Standard Ogilvy agency in 1989, which is the most popular advertising agency in the world. His great work did not go unnoticed because soon after, he started working with other reputable agencies. Later on, he partnered with Erh Ray to open an agency called BorghiErh in 2002. The agency was then fully bought by Lowe and became Borghi Lowe. The agency changed names later and is now called Mullen Lowe and is run by Jose together with Andre Gomes. He has had an extensive career, which is characterized by his great work with Fortune 500 companies. Through his strategic leadership, Jose has been able to acquire clients for his Mullen Lowe Brasil enterprise and learn more about Borghi.


Jose has won various awards starting with the New York Film Festival, Cannes Film Festival, Abril Awards and other awards. He has been able to get involved with brands such as Mitsubishi, Unilever, Cosmetics, “The Mammals of Parmalat”, and the list is endless and Borghi’s lacrosse camp.

Lowe has built his career in the advertising agency, through his great gift in creativity. He is a man, who will continue to grow as he progresses on and as more companies continue to seek his services and more information click here.

Whitney Wolfe: The Brain Behind The App, Bumble BFF

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Whitney Wolfe was born in 1990 in Salt Lake City, Utah. She went to Southern Methodist University, where she majored in International Studies. At the age of 19, she started selling Bamboo tote bags to benefit areas affected by the BP oil spill. The bags received national press after celebrities were photographed with them.

Whitney Wolfe also opened up a non-profit organization, The Help Us Project, together with celebrity stylist Patrick Aufdenkamp. Whitney, later on, traveled to Southeast Asia to work with orphanages.

Whitney Wolfe joined Hatch Labs at the age of 22. She became involved in the start-up of Cardify, a project that was later abandoned. Wolfe then co-founded Tinder, the dating app, alongside three other people. She was made vice president of marketing for Tinder and was credited for its growing popularity.

In 2014, Whitney Wolfe founded the dating app Bumble, which was meant to give women more control. The headquarters of the app is in Austin, Texas. Wolfe created Bumble BFF after realizing that users were using the app to make friends, aside from dating. Bumble BFF is a module within the Bumble app. You sign up using Facebook. The app, Bumble, will then pull your basic information and pictures from Facebook. However, it will not appear on your Facebook profile showing that you have joined the app.

After logging in, you create a basic bumble profile which users will see when browsing for matches. One can switch to Bumble BFF mode. The app disables the dating algorithm in Bumble BFF. One selects how broad they want their search area to appear. The app will return results, showing people available to connect, allowing you to get different potential matches. One swipes right for matches they find suitable and left for the ones they do not like. Conversations are active for 24 hours, after which they will disappear.

Bumble BFF is aimed at connecting a diverse range of people. It relieves one of the stresses of searching for friends and potential partners. Through connecting people from different places, one cannot lack a companion wherever they travel to preventing loneliness.

The Success of Jim Tananbaum in HealthCare Provision

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Foresite Capital under the leadership of its CEO, Jim Tananbaum, continues to make major strides improving medical care as well promoting healthcare entrepreneurship. The moves are in an effort to provide a better understanding of the challenges mental health patients’ face and facilitate the improvement of services offered to them. One of the firm’s recent moves is through partnering with other investors such as ARCH Venture Partners, One Mind Brain Health Impact Fund and Optum Ventures which has seen a donation of $14 to Mindstrong Health. The Series-A funding given to the start-up will enhance delivery of objective measures in an effort to improve outcomes for patients with mental disorders.

In other hits by the CEO and Managing Director of Foresite, he helped Sierra Ventures to set-up its healthcare service investment practice. Further, he leads several other biopharmaceutical investments such as Amerigroup (IPO) and Amira Pharmaceuticals (acquired Bristol Myers-Squib). Tananbaum has close to 25 years of experience in healthcare and it’s even more important to note that he manages $1.1 billion in assets at Foresite. Jim Tananbaum holds an M.B.A from Harvard Business School as well as an M.D from Harvard Medical School. His career in the biopharmaceutical industry started after he finished studies at Harvard Medical School where he immediately founded Geltex Pharmaceuticals, which generates $1 billion in revenues as of today. Other start-ups in his early life include Theravance, Inc which together has brought together a market cap of $2.75 billion together with Theravance Biopharma, Inc. Visit Crunchbase to know more.

His current leadership at Foresite has led to tremendous growth of the firm which is based in San Francisco and has another office in New York. The firm issues growth capital to start-ups and growing healthcare providers in both private and public markets. The success of the company largely comes from Tananbaum’s main focus on strategic operations as well as financial openings to grow the healthcare industry. The most recent achievement has been his listing on the Forbes Midas List of top 100 venture capitalists. His success comes for the third consecutive year from what can be termed as a capitalist who makes huge and early bets in providing leadership to tech companies as well as exceptional value for upcoming investors. It remains interesting to see the next steps by the Dr. Jim Tananbaum in healthcare entrepreneurship as well as other investments.

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Richard Mishaan: The Interior Design Guru

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When anyone talks about Interior Design in New York, the Richard Mishaan Design firm will always pop up in their mind. The Richard Mishaan Design firm has gone a long way in creating a wide market base for itself. This is as a result of the excellent work the Richard Mishaan Design firm always provides its clients. Founded and run by Richard Mishaan himself, both the company and the owner have achieved a lot including publication of interior design books.


Richard Mishaan Design firm has worked on many projects which are displayed to customers on their website to show the great end-results. The Tribeca Residence captures the eye of all the projects and it is beautifully and sequentially displayed on the website.


The Tribeca Residence covers all areas from the living room which has been well-spaced, fitted with high-end furniture, and completed with the best fabric curtains. The residence also has a world class carpet all the way to the master bedroom which has been fitted with a king-sized bed, complete with a matching color cabinet and chair. All areas done by Richard Mishaan Design have been made to be very spacious, and the colors are perfectly blended to match and complete the whole outlook. The pieces of furniture that have been placed around the house by Richard Mishaan Design firm are also of the best quality and design to give the best comfort. At the same time, the stairs have been done perfectly complete with a wooden furnish.


Richard Mishaan also shows off his expertise on interior design in his two books namely Artfully Modern and Modern Luxury. Both books dig deep into the best interior design options available to homeowners to choose from! Modern Luxury portrays how Richard Mishaan combines his art, style, and furniture with an addition of knowledge design from different parts of the world to come up with world-class interior designs.

Doe Deere: Internet Sensation Turned Successful Business Woman

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Doe Deere went from an internet sensation due to her amazing make up looks to a business woman with her own make up brand. She expresses her love for make up in so many ways and that is illustrated through her work. She calls her fans unicorns to show them that they are creative and beautiful individuals. Doe Deere caters to her fans with vibrant and out there colors in order to convey that you can still be an adult and have fun or remain youthful. If you have ever seen a Lime Crime lippie you are well aware how amazing the formula and colors are which is really hard to come across in an industry that tries to push out product for low prices. Another thing that has contributed to not only Doe Deere but her overall brand’s success is the fact that she listens to feedback. While she prides herself on listening to everyone from fans to foes, she keeps in mind to not let the haters get her down. In this day and age anyone with a computer can make up fake stories but she acknowledges what is real and what is just being said to trash her brand. This is a very important distinction to make. It is very easy to give up and listen to the haters; however, this has pushed Doe Deere! Her company is an international success. She also encourages others to find their passion and ambition and shows them that they too can also successful. Doe Deere mentors aspiring female entrepreneurs and encourages them to reach out to her via her social media in order for her to do so. Some could attribute the success of Lime Crime Cosmetics to the fact that it was one of the first cosmetic brands to focus on its online presence. Many told Doe Deere that that could be its ultimately downfall; however, she believed in it and persisted even before online shopping was huge and went for it. Her innovative moves such as that have made Lime Crime what it is today. She saw the opportunity in it and decided to go down that path. This is inspirational for us all, not just those looking to make it in the beauty industry. If you have a certain talent it is okay to pursue it and be passionate about it even if others say it will not pan out in your favor. Taking a chance is what life is all about and is what many such as Doe Deere can attribute their success to. Hard work and passion can take you just about anywhere.

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