Doe Deere Relies on Her Intuition

Doe Deere is happy doing what she does. It is easy to tell when people take a look at her Lime Crime makeup brand. She is always excited about the various colors that she presents for a new generation of consumers that want to stand out.


What Doe Deere has done is present herself as a cosmetics line that was going to come up with unusual colors that could not be found anywhere else. She decided to do this in 2008 when she came up with the concept of cruelty free cosmetics. She has been running the cosmetics industry ever since, and her fans have been growing because she continues to innovate and bring new things forth.


There are a combination of things that have contributed to the success that Doe Deere has. One of the things is her ability to bring new ideas to life. She believes that it is important to push past the challenges and do your very best to make a product that people are interested in. When she originally decided to start this business online she was told numerous times that this would not be successful. It is hard to believe that she has such a tremendous following, but there are more than a million people that follow the Lime Crime Instagram account. What this means is that she has an audience that is very interested in seeing what she is trying to do. People are trying to see what she is going to come up with next, and that is the thing that has allowed her to stay relevant to the fans that love her different shades of lipstick.


An assortment of the lipstick shades are directly promoted by Doe Deere. She has become a powerful business leader that has managed to even gain the likes of some celebrities like Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child.


Doe Deere is aware that a lot of her success is a direct contribution to the hard work that she has put in. She is someone that has a business strategy that relies a lot on her gut instinct. She has always stated that she is in tune with her intuition for building her brand. She knows when she is creating something that consumers want, and she is not going to stifle her creativity by what others may think of her brand. Her bold determination has made her successful.


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