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Doe Deere Relies on Her Intuition

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Doe Deere is happy doing what she does. It is easy to tell when people take a look at her Lime Crime makeup brand. She is always excited about the various colors that she presents for a new generation of consumers that want to stand out.


What Doe Deere has done is present herself as a cosmetics line that was going to come up with unusual colors that could not be found anywhere else. She decided to do this in 2008 when she came up with the concept of cruelty free cosmetics. She has been running the cosmetics industry ever since, and her fans have been growing because she continues to innovate and bring new things forth.


There are a combination of things that have contributed to the success that Doe Deere has. One of the things is her ability to bring new ideas to life. She believes that it is important to push past the challenges and do your very best to make a product that people are interested in. When she originally decided to start this business online she was told numerous times that this would not be successful. It is hard to believe that she has such a tremendous following, but there are more than a million people that follow the Lime Crime Instagram account. What this means is that she has an audience that is very interested in seeing what she is trying to do. People are trying to see what she is going to come up with next, and that is the thing that has allowed her to stay relevant to the fans that love her different shades of lipstick.


An assortment of the lipstick shades are directly promoted by Doe Deere. She has become a powerful business leader that has managed to even gain the likes of some celebrities like Kelly Rowland of Destiny’s Child.


Doe Deere is aware that a lot of her success is a direct contribution to the hard work that she has put in. She is someone that has a business strategy that relies a lot on her gut instinct. She has always stated that she is in tune with her intuition for building her brand. She knows when she is creating something that consumers want, and she is not going to stifle her creativity by what others may think of her brand. Her bold determination has made her successful.


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WEN Products-Do They Actually Work?

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If you’re interested in Wen hair care products but just aren’t sure if they actually do what they say they will do, then read on to find out what happened when Emily McClure tried WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner for a week. You can read the original Bustle article here.

On day one, Emily started with frizzy and greasy hair but after showering with WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner, her hair already felt thicker. She noticed that she lost less hair to the drain too. Her hair felt bouncy and shiny.

On day two after showering, her hair was once again voluminous and shiny, although when she woke up, her roots felt more greasy than normal.

After her shower on day three, her hair was shiny and healthy. She even used her usual styling products.

She didn’t have time to shower on the morning on day four, and her hair was feeling very greasy and unmanageable.

Day five brought complete hair confidence and her hair felt very soft, although her waves fell more quickly than usual.

Day six brought compliments from friends on the shininess of her hair and day seven brought great looking hair as well.

Overall, WEN Sweet Almond Mint Cleansing Conditioner is a great product that will benefit any hair type. It just may take a little more time to get the best results.

WEN hair products will help you to achieve healthier hair with its natural ingredient formula. It is sulfate-free so it won’t damage your hair and will actually help to strengthen your locks with natural ingredients like glycerin, wild cherry bark, panthenol, and rosemary extract.

WEN hair care products were created by Chaz Dean, a man who is very passionate about hair and styles hair for celebrities and award and fashion shows. Wen products are available on Guthy-Renker and QVC stores nationwide.


Bruno Fagali’s Career as an Anti-Corruption Lawyer

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If you live in Brazil, you have probably had about Bruno Fagali. Fagali is a renowned attorney who is also a specialist in anti-corruption law. He is also the founder of FAGALI advocacy. The Brazilian attorney is not only known for his professionalism and integrity in the legal profession but he is also handles cases of a varying nature.

Bruno Fagali’s areas of practice include urban law, civil and administrative liability processes, administrative contracts, bidding law and public civil actions. He is also passionate about regulatory law and popular actions. As an attorney, he has gained a lot of trust from his clients as well as the general public. His efforts to fight corruption in both the civil and administrative sectors are applauded by most Brazilians.

Bruno Fagali has always been driven by the need to help clean the system from corruption. As a result, he has initiated many actions with the aim of doing exactly that. Apart from targeting the public sector, he has also been approached by the private sector. Some of his clients include corporate firms which want to achieve the highest level of transparency and accountability in their organizations.

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FAGALI Advocacy

FAGALI Advocacy is a firm which was set up by Bruno Fagali so as to help him reach more people and do more. The main areas which the firm deals with include compliance law, election, anti-corrution law and public law. According to Fagali, these four areas are very crucial considering that they are the pillars of social equality.

Apart from his law office, Fagali also works at Nova/bs as their Corporate Integrity Manager. The advertising firm is one of the most prominent ones in Brazil and they do advertisements for the government as well as organizations such as the World Health Organization.


Madison Street Capital Is An Award-Winning Investment Firm For Several Reasons

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One of the keys to putting a merger or an acquisition together is getting shareholders to agree. Shareholders and investors have different agendas and unique perceptions about the nature of a merger or acquisition. Some shareholders are interested in growth potential and consumer awareness more than other investors. But almost all investors want more profit. Being a true capitalist means paying attention to the rewards more than the difficulties. And there are a lot of difficulties when it comes to merging with another company. Even small and medium size company mergers are hard to complete. Some investors don’t like change.



Madison Street Capital, the Chicago-based M&A investment firm has an unusually high success rate in the small and medium size M&A industry. That’s what Madison Street Capital is a finalist for the 15th annual M&A Advisor Awards. The M&A Advisor Awards are like the Academy Awards in the movie industry. Nominated investment firms for an M&A Advisor Award are the cream of the crop in the financial industry. The Madison Street Capital reputation for closing difficult and complicated mergers is one of the reasons the firm is a finalist.



The executive team at Madison Street Capital, under the direction of CEO Charles Botchway and COO Tony Marsala, are experts in merging two different companies, even when there is friction between management and shareholders in both companies. Botchway and Marsala are also able to provide other services to companies that are not ready to merge or be acquired. Madison Street offers valuation services and financial investment help to companies that need those services.



The merger price is always the top concern of shareholders and investors. Layoffs and cost issues also prevent some companies from closing a merger deal with another company. But some small and medium size mergers make too much sense not to consider. Madison Street executives are the sense makers in those transactions. There may be language issues or cultural challenges when mergers take place between companies in emerging markets and established markets. The slightest quirk could spoil the deal, so Botchway and Marsala make sure all the cultural and language challenges are on the table first.



Madison Street Capital continues to set an example for other investment firms. The firm continues to win awards and continues to establish intercompany goals. Every day is another adventure in the merger and acquisition world, and Botchway and Marsala and their team meet each day with excitement, and the will to close the next deal.


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Samuel Strauch – A Natural Talent For The Real Estate Industry

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Mr Samuel Strauch became a wildly successful businessman who has to dedicate his life to the industry of real estate development and investment. He is the founder of a large company called Metrik Real Estate which he established in early 2002. The company is based in Miami Beach, Florida which is a highly beneficial location for the real estate industry as it is among the most bustling areas of the industry.

His education was completed at the Hofstra University in New York City from which Mr Samuel Strauch graduated with a master’s degree in Business. He is also a former student of the renowned Harvard University and the Erasmus University in Rotterdam.

Mr Samuel Strauch has always had a strong passion for the industry of real estate although his first career was in the field of banking. He realized that it did not give him the fulfilment a calling should. After two or three years, working at a bank. Mr Samuel Strauch decided to join the family business of real estate. He started working at the family company.

In 2002, he ventured into founding a company as well – Metrik Real Estate. The company is based in Miami Beach, Florida and that helped t grow rapidly in the first year of its establishment. Up to date, Metrik Real Estate has expanded its reach across several locations in Florida and other states in the United States of America.

Mr Samuel Strauch is often asked about his success in the real estate. He readily explains that having a natural interest in a subject or industry will inevitably inspire a person to work harder and to want to learn as much as possible about it. Samuel started establishing connections from all aspect of the real estate industry from the first month of joining the business which also helped him significantly.

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