Securus invests $200 million in expanding correctional technologies

Securus Technologies, a leading inmates communications firm, recently invested $200 million in increasing access to technology that allows inmates to keep in touch with their families. The firm released this information in a press release published on PR Newswire.


The firm continues to expand its holdings and negotiates with prisons to provide services. Its most recent offerings include allowing video visitation systems, completing more audio calls, and offering add-on services to inmates. The company continues to offer security solutions to private correctional institutions. It offers recording systems that allows corrections officials to track down and prevent potential criminal activity.


The company has been working to bring the price of the cost calls down while increasing the amount of revenues it causes. It negotiates carefully with correctional institutions to make sure that the institutions get the maximum profit and that inmates pay the lowest possible price for collect calls.


The inmates communications company does more than just provide inmates communications. It helps facilities track down and prevent the use of contraband cell phones. It recently expanded its offerings into letting inmates rent tablets during their incarcerations. It also provides mobile devices for free to inmates who are enrolled in educational programs within a correctional facility.



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  1. Elianna Jermaine Post author

    Just like in Sweden and in Switzerland where it is fact that the crimes and incarceration rates show huge gap below the values in the United States. It is wise to use edusson reviews to effectively judge our correctional measure and the framework for our society in the first place. This should question our culture and if we care about being the greatest country in the world at all.

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