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Sam Boraie continues driving New Brunswick towards future with Aspire

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Sam Boraie, vice president of new projects for Boraie Development, is forging ahead with yet another revolutionary project for downtown New Brunswick. This time, he’s built a massive, 16-story monument to New Brunswick’s newfound hip and sought-after status.

Boraie has long been instrumental in bringing New Brunswick back from the brink. In the ’90s, his company started the urban renewal of the city, with the revolutionary Albany Street Plaza project. This was an ultra-modern, Class A office property that succeeded in attracting clients from Manhattan’s overpriced real estate market.

With the success of Albany Street Plaza, Boraie Development parlayed its new office clients into residential ones as well. Albany Street Plaza, Tower Two, was created as a way for those working in downtown New Brunswick to have a convenient and upscale place to live. These two projects are, today, largely credited with kicking off the incredible revitalization of New Brunswick’s urban center, a project many in the ’80s quite literally scoffed at as impossible.

With the Aspire, Boraie is extending the idea of creating safe, hip and luxurious urban living spaces that make New Brunswick a viable competitor to Manhattan and the surrounding boroughs. However, Aspire is being marketed chiefly to millennial professionals. While other Boraie developments have been marketed as luxury residences, the Aspire is taking things to a whole new level. With this project, Sam Boraie hopes to put New Brunswick on the map for the East Coast’s most discerning high-end real estate buyers.

And he’s highly confident he can do it. After all, Boraie Development has racked up a track record of stunning successes, explains Bloomberg. He views the ongoing inflation of Manhattan and other New York real estate prices as presenting a serious opportunity, not just for mid-level office space or local teachers and policemen but for the big-money bankers and FIRE-sector professionals of other East Coast enclaves, especially those under the age of 40.

The Aspire is definitely showing what’s possible to achieve. The ultra-modern building looks like something straight out of the trendiest Upper East Side condo buildings. Sam Boraie is aiming for the fences. And it looks like he’s about to hit another grand slam. View Sam Boraie’s full bio on

Securus invests $200 million in expanding correctional technologies

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Securus Technologies, a leading inmates communications firm, recently invested $200 million in increasing access to technology that allows inmates to keep in touch with their families. The firm released this information in a press release published on PR Newswire.


The firm continues to expand its holdings and negotiates with prisons to provide services. Its most recent offerings include allowing video visitation systems, completing more audio calls, and offering add-on services to inmates. The company continues to offer security solutions to private correctional institutions. It offers recording systems that allows corrections officials to track down and prevent potential criminal activity.


The company has been working to bring the price of the cost calls down while increasing the amount of revenues it causes. It negotiates carefully with correctional institutions to make sure that the institutions get the maximum profit and that inmates pay the lowest possible price for collect calls.


The inmates communications company does more than just provide inmates communications. It helps facilities track down and prevent the use of contraband cell phones. It recently expanded its offerings into letting inmates rent tablets during their incarcerations. It also provides mobile devices for free to inmates who are enrolled in educational programs within a correctional facility.



Bruce Levenson Is Trying To Sue For Damages Against Atlanta Hawk’s Former Insurance Company

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Bruce Levenson is taking the Atlanta Hawks former insurance company, AIG to task over an issue regarding the sale of the team and buyout of Danny Ferry’s contract according to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. This issue arose after Levenson sold his share of the franchise, along with Atlanta Hawks Basketball & Entertainment (AHBE) in 2015 to Tony Ressler’s group, reveals AHBE had bought out Ferry, the former general manager’s contract and in doing so claimed that they were covered under the current insurance policy to file for a claim. AIG has refused thus far to pay out any damages or compensation to AHBE and Levenson, even though AHBE’s attorneys say they were obligated to do so. This case has now gone to court where it could be in for a long hearing.

Bruce Levenson is quite an accomplished figure both as an NBA owner, and a businessman. He spent much of his career in journalism going all the way back to his days at the Washington Star, the now defunct paper he worked for while attending American University. He and his friend, Ed Peskowitz started their own publication business in 1977, and that company soon became Unified Communications Group (UCG), the publisher of many industry newsletters and publications. UCG started a subsidiary TechTarget that Levenson has served for on the Board of Directors, and they also are the owners of GasBuddy, a mobile app that displays gas prices at a location.

According to, Levenson also started and chaired several charity foundations to benefit underprivileged children. One such organization is Hoop Dreams, a charity event that raised funds through hosting basketball tournaments in downtown Washington D.C. He also has contributed to the Holocaust Memorial Museum, a place that hits close to home with his Jewish Heritage. Levenson is also a supporter of Birthright Israel, Seeds of Peace, and many other Jewish activist groups.


Talk Fusion CEO Bob Reina Pushes Philanthropic Endeavors

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What does it take to become more than just a highly successful business owner? Well, a drive to succeed and a mission to do better for the world around you — those ideas would definitely help. Talk Fusion is a video communication marketing company that was founded by CEO Bob Reina way back in 2007.

According to Crunchbase, Bob Reina has helped to steer the company into becoming one of the most successful communication companies on the internet. Through his successful decade of work Reina has also established himself as a giving philanthropist and someone who is dedicated to better the world around him.

Reina knows that running a company can be tough and he also knows that being a philanthropist can be difficult. Thankfully the reward for both of these things is well worth it. Bob is the first to say, “With great success comes greater responsibility.” This mindset, more than just the words, is what drives Talk Fusion forward into the future. Reina knows that his company can be worth more than the services that they offer, it can also be worth the money they put to use helping the world around them.

Already Reina has become something of a local philanthropic hero to the people of Tampa Bay. Reina signed a record breaking check of $1 million dollars via a donation to the Humane Society of Tampa Bay. Reina has also helped spreading around his charity to orphanages in Indonesia as well.

Reina knows that when you help the least among you, you are helping everyone. Reina’s spent years working on developing a philanthropic outreach and we don’t anticipate that he is going to be slowing down any time soon considering the success of his company.

Right now Talk fusion is offering a charity account service through his associates. This account can be dedicated to a charity of choice by the associate.

The free charity account is the same as the Custom Monthly Plan which includes the award winning Video Chat, Video Newsletter, Live Meetings and the coveted Video Email set up. This charity account is just another big reason that the company continues to innovate.

Banking Investment Firm Madison Street Selected as Finalist in M&A Awards

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On August 29, 2016, M&A Advisor announced that Madison Street Capital, a banking investment firm was a finalist for the 15th annual M&A Advisor Awards. The awards represent the top honors in the financial industry and are famed for celebrating the achievements of professionals and firms and recognize exceptional performance in deal making. Madison Street was nominated for two categories; International and Industrials Deal of the Year and Boutique Investment Bank of the Year. The former pointed out Madison’s efforts in facilitating Dowco’s acquisition of Acuna & Asociados. S.A. Karl D’Cunha, Madison Street’s senior managing director was behind the success of the deal.


Charles Botchway, Madison’s founder and chief executive officer, said that they were glad that they had been able to help their longstanding client Dowco with the acquisition of Acuna & Asociados S.A. He added that they were honored to be competing for the Boutique Investment Banking Firm of the Year. He stated that Madison’s dealmakers were working hard so that they could connect their clients with growing businesses that would suit their specific needs. According to Karl, the Acuna & Asociados S.A deal involved many factors, and it was great they had been recognized for their role in it.


Madison Street is a Chicago-based international investment banking firm that is committed to leadership and service, integrity and excellence in offering merger and acquisition expertise, financial advisory services and valuation services to businesses which are privately held. Madison Street looks at the clients’ goals and objectives first before embarking on any venture. The firm mainly focuses on emerging markets and believes they are the reason for the increase in clients.


Their efforts at making a difference both locally and globally are the motivation for their support of charitable activities of organizations such as United Way. United Way focuses on identifying and working on pressing community issues. The organization collaborates with government agencies, businesses, financial institutions and the faith community. In 2008 the group started a ten-year program which was designed to help communities achieve financial stability and improve education. Madison Street has a team of professionals with vast experience, knowledge and valuable connections which have made them a top firm in the financial industry. The dedicated staffs have greatly improved Madison Street Capital reputation. The firm currently has offices in North America, Asia, and Africa.