Doe Deere and Lime Crime Rise in Acceptance of Young Women

Doe Deere and the company she launched on eBay in 2008 were the subjects of an interview conducted by Guest of a Guest. In the interview, Deere explained how she first came to New York City and later moved to Los Angeles from her native Russia. Her musical background in New York City and meeting with her husband were important milestones for Deere on her unique journey to success. She explained her interest in make-up as a youngster and the desire to achieve a fantasy level to her life even at that early age. Deere has gone on to become the Queen of the Unicorns to her followers and lives a fanciful and even a fantasy life in her new home in Los Angeles. Read the entire interview in Guest of a Guest here:


Deere and her successful cosmetics company have come at a time when an image is regarded as the most important element of personal expression. Our society is currently one that favors diversity in all its myriad forms. Television programs and movies have championed the lives of those who do not neatly fit into our society standards of acceptance. This concentration on the image or the superficial has come at a time in the United States of America when politics has appealed to those who feel left out of society. When we examine those who feel left out, we discover that they are the very ordinary Americans who have trouble dealing with diversity. These ordinary Americans living in all-white communities that are cemented together by a school and church system that works together to maintain an almost single-minded people who could not easily identify with those other races who were foreign from their community. These people could not accept the new modes of a changing society and were less happy with their television as the major networks allowed minorities to fill roles and create a new more modern and diverse television programming. This group of society was left longing for their ancient and displaced heroes like John Wayne, Walt Disney, and Sylvester Stallone.

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This entrenched society exists at the same time as a modern and image oriented society serviced by entrepreneurs like Doe Deere, but the distance between the two is unbridgeable.


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    The popular music had failed this group completely, and they never were able to fully discover how their communities have become the wastelands of America. There are things in which has been able to understand that makes it worth living for which I think would be that way for as long as they’d like it to be.

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