Squaw Valley Winning The Battle To Restore Water Supplies

The Upper Mountain region of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has recently been affected by a water supply issue resulting from a major rainfall event that struck this region of Lake Tahoe in October 2016. Problems with the water supply were quickly identified by officials at Squaw Valley as contaminated groundwater made its way into the water supply, but was identified before any made its way to guests in a successful show of the testing procedures implemented over the Summer of 2016.

Squaw Valley has shut down the water supply to the Upper Mountain region, including Gold Coast and High Camp until the four affected wells are declared safe by a team of experts on sierrasun.com from Placer County Environmental Health Department and independent companies employed on a regular basis by Squaw Valley. A statement released through the Squaw Valley Public Relations Director explained the water supply system was updated in the Upper Mountain region in the Summer of 2016 resulting in the new system being declared a success as no health issues have been reported after the contaminated bacteria was identified soon after the rainfall event.

Skiing is being permitted at Squaw Valley on sloped from top to bottom as free bottled water is being supplied to all guests using the affected areas of the mountain. The levels of E. Coli initially identified by Squaw Valley’s own testing procedures on Weather.com have been reported as nil in three of the four wells identified as contaminated and levels of the Coliform bacteria have also lowered over the course of recent months. The statement concludes with Squaw Valley promising to continue to work on the problem of the contamination until the problem has been eradicated and all guests can return to their normal activities at this historic ski resort that brought European style winter vacations to North America. See: http://squawalpine.com/skiing-riding/weather-conditions-webcams/snow-weather-reports-lake-tahoe

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