Spreading Democracy Remains Important To George Soros As Attacks Continue

Those who take an interest in global politics understand the important role George Soros has played over the course of his life in helping spread democracy to areas of the world that were previously closed to the ideology. The 86 year old hedge fund legend has recently turned his attention to Myanmar where the military regime has kept a stranglehold over the democratic process and held its opponents under house arrest; however, to some in the U.S. George Soros is a name to be feared after a series of untrue and antisemitic attacks from conservative broadcasters, such as former Fox News anchor Glenn Beck.

The attacks of Glenn Beck and similar conservative leaning broadcasters are often described as simply being part of an entertainment aspect of the news in the 21st century, but George Soros has been facing such untruths for decades after making large donations to the Democratic party in the U.S. as he felt his own liberal beliefs were reflected in the ideology of the party. Beck’s three hour long special episodes on George Soros in 2010 remain the basis of many of the attacks that continue to surround the man who has lived an inspiring life as a Holocaust survivor and refugee.

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The story of the life of George Soros presented by Glenn Beck used quotes from a number of respected publications, including a story written by Connie Bruck in “The New Yorker” on politico.com. However, the comments of Bruck were taken out of context and did not reflect the story she wrote about the impressive life story of Soros from his birth in Hungary in 1930 through to his role in the 2008 election of President Barrack Obama.

As a child George Soros lived through the Nazi occupation of Hungary, and only survived the Holocaust after his father built an impressive false identity to hide the Jewish faith of the family from the authorities.

The most impressive philanthropic work of George Soros was also twisted to meet the needs of Glenn Beck in portraying one of the richest people in the world as some form of danger to the future of democracy. In fact, George Soros, inspired by his own experiences of Nazi and Communist rule created the Open Society Foundations to battle apartheid in South Africa, but has continued the fight for democracy in other areas of the world where closed societies can still be found. Soros has funded the growth of democracy on project-syndicate.org in many parts of the former Soviet bloc and now looks to allow the people of the world to understand and practice the freedom he himself found in the U.K. and U.S. as a refugee in the 1940s and 50s. See: http://www.politico.com/story/2016/11/democrats-soros-trump-231313

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