John Goullet, DIVERSANT LLC’s Principal

John Goullet attended Ursinus College between 1979 and 1983 to study a master degree in Computer Science. Upon graduating, he ventured into the IT industry as an IT consultant, then switched to a tech staffing professional. Later on, John Goullet capitalized his vast experience in the information technology sector to establish his IT staffing firm, Info Technologies in 1994. At Info Technologies, Mr. Goullet would focus on understanding the corporate industry as well as his clients’ personalized IT staffing needs.

Furthermore, Goullet would integrate his personality, expertise, and working style to develop tailored IT services and solutions. During Goullet’s reign, Info Technologies received several accolades such as featuring as one of the US’ fastest-growing IT startups. Moreover, the value of Info Technologies grew to $30 million within five years. However, in pursuit of developing reliable IT staffing solutions and services, Mr. Goullet’s Info Technologies merged with Gene Waddy’s Diversity Inc., to form DIVERSANT LLC in 2010. Upon the formation of DIVERSANT LLC, Mr. Goullet assumed the position of the company’s Principal. Even after the appointment as DIVERSANT’s Principal, John Goullet’s passion for developing advanced solutions to challenges in the ever-evolving IT marketplace lives on.


Through Mr. Goullet’s efforts, DIVERSANT LLC ranks as the US’ biggest African-American held IT staffing and Solutions Company. Interestingly, the firm reflects Goullet’s personality, expertise, and professional as it commits to developing solutions to diverse, complex challenges in the IT industry. Furthermore, Goullet’s contribution towards the success of DIVERSANT LLC is significant. Under his helm, DIVERSANT LLC has grown to a market leader among numerous Fortune 500 companies.

As a fully certified Minority-Owned Business Enterprise, DIVERSANT LLC provides a broad spectrum of IT staffing services and assortment products. They include direct hire, augmentation of IT staffing, and innovative diversity. DIVERSANT tailors its services and products based on exceptional, outstanding guiding principles to fulfill its client’s desires. Furthermore, the firm solves critical IT-related problems using a consultative approach and considers its customers as business partners.

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