An Insight on the Management of True Value Hardware Company

Quality influences success when it comes to business. Producers aim at providing quality to their clients so as to maintain a good client list. True Value Hardware understands that customers value quality, expert advice, and exceptional services. The company has rooted itself in supporting growth and the success of retailers.

The company’s vision is stamped across the globe by associates who aim at providing clients with the support and resources required to see the company’s vision turn into a reality. The company aims at making sure all True Value stores are the best hardware stores in town. The company’s strategy include:

• Increasing brand recognition – The company focus on advertisements and national marketing to aid in increasing brand recognition

• Community involvement – The company aims at having an active community involvement in the company’s management to increase awareness in the community.

• True Value also aims at focusing on the local expert advice and superior customer service.

True Value through the True Value Foundations gives back to the community in various ways. The company focuses on undeserving the youth and also improving the lives of children. True value stresses on education and community vitality as a way to help the community grow.

About Kenneth Goodgame

Mr. Goodgame has been the Senior Vice-President and Chief Marketing Officer at True Value Hardware Company since 2013. He has vast knowledge in marketing that has helped him grow the business with the aid of his team. Goodgame graduated with a Bachelor of Science Degree in Finance and Marketing from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville.
Due to his expertise, consumer based principles, awareness, and demand, Goodgame has elevated True Value to be a global brand.

Quality is key to all businesses in different niches. The success of business solely depends on its ability to provide satisfactory products and services to its customers. True Value Hardware Company has rooted itself in providing quality products to its clients base.

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