The Event Planner Selection Process

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One of the largest cities in the world is New York City. The city is filled with every amenity and service possible. This includes event planners. There are many event planning companies in NYC and one of the most sought after is Twenty Three Layers.


Twenty Three Layers has been in business for over ten years and they are known as one of the elite planners in NYC. They have a large amount of satisfied clients who rave about the uniqueness and quality of work that was provided by Twenty Three Layers.


Not all event planners are alike. For this reason, time needs to be spent finding the right planner. Ask anyone you know if they have any suggestions on who to use. Pay attention if they mention any they did not like as well. Make a list of companies of interest and do some research online on those.


Look at any company websites to see what kind of work they are offering their clients. Look at any pictures that may be shown. These pictures will give you an excellent idea of what to expect. Read over any reviews previous clients many have left.


When interviewing any potential event planners, make sure to do these interviews in person. Meeting face-to-face allows you get a good feel for the event planner. A good working relationship may be the key to success. During the interview, lay out your vision for your event and make sure the event planner knows what the budget is. Stating these early in the relationship allows you both to start on the same page.


Hire the event planner you feel you can work with the best and the one who you feel gets your vision and can translate is the best. Stay in contact with your event planner during the entire process and the event is likely to be a success. A lot goes into planning an event but it is worth it in the end.

Mike Baur, a Visionary Leader for Aspiring Entrepreneurs

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Mike Baur is a renowned entrepreneur with a Swiss background. His entrepreneurial expertise is evident in an enriched portfolio that depicts several prosperous engagements with startups as well as a number of key contributions to the finance and banking industry. Baur passionately developed his early entrepreneurial interests into a successful career. Just as he was able to successfully incorporate his passion into his corporate life from a very young age, he strongly aspires to motivate and guide the young future leaders of today.



The Swiss Roots of Mike Baur and his Career Development


Originating from the region of Fribourg in Switzerland, Mike Baur had dreamt of honing an adept persona for building a career within the finance and banking sectors. His academic accomplishments consist of a B.A.Sc. degree on Banking and Finance in the year of 2000, a Master’s degree in Business Administration as well as an EMBA degree in the year of 2008. He attained his B.A.Sc. degree from the University of Applied Sciences Bern. He acquired his MBA degree from University of Rochester New York. His EMBA degree was awarded by the University of Bern as well.



Mike Baur began his corporate life serving valuable roles within several finance and banking institutes. He served Executive positions for around 20 years within a reputable Swiss Private Bank after he started off being a commercial trainee at UBS. After spending 17 years at UBS AG, he served the position of the Head of Private Banking at Clariden Leu. From 2012 to 2014, he fulfilled the responsibilities of the Head of Private Banking at Sallfort Private Bank AG.



Mike Baur’s entrepreneurial journey began in 2014 when he co-founded the Swiss Startup Factory. Presently, he is the Co-Founder and Executive Chairman of the Swiss Startup Factory where he is responsible for fundraising and managing the financing rounds. He is also the Founding Partner and Director of the Swiss Startup Association.



Mike Baur’s Current Endeavor – The Swiss Startup Factory


The Swiss Startup Factory is a prominent startup accelerator that is based in Zurich. The prime objective of this platform is to identify ambitious digital entrepreneurs for whom it runs a three-month program. The program is designed to deliver exclusive opportunities through unique 360-degree services, mentoring and coaching. There are opportunities for young entrepreneurs to benefit from a strong global network of entrepreneurs and investors as well as receive financial support and a beautiful office space centered within the heart of Zurich, all thanks to the Swiss Startup Factory.


How Capital Anesthesiology Association is Committed to Service

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The Capitol Anesthesiology Association has been providing care since 1973 to patients who need anesthesia. The team of over 80 physicians and 130 Registered Nurses specializing in providing anesthesia for a variety of patients including individuals who need obstetric, pediatric, and cardiothoracic care. The team is made up of anesthesia specialists from over 20 facilities in Austin TX. They are committed to providing anesthesia that meets the highest quality standards and the professionals make sure that their patients feel comfortable and secure.

Many services are provided by Capitol Anesthesiology Association including general anesthesia, local anesthesia, and regional anesthesia. General anesthesia is performed when patients are having major surgery and need to be completely unaware of their surroundings. Regional anesthesia is performed when one area of the body need to be operated on such as an arm or leg. Local anesthesia or Monitored Anesthesia Care is a controlled anesthesia experience where local anesthetics are provided in the tissues and skin that surround the area to be operated on. More anesthesia is supplied as needed and a patient’s level of consciousness will be appropriately adjusted.

For more information about Capitol Anesthesiology, check out:

Texas Panel Discusses How Traffic Can Be Solved In Williamson County

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The Williamson County Growth Summit explored some of the ways that traffic can be eased for Williamson County and the nearby city of Austin, Texas. Williamson County is one of the suburban counties around the city of Austin that is seeing rapid growth in the Austin metro area. An increase in population is putting extra strain on area roadways. There is already traffic during rush hour and the growth summit was held to come up with new and exciting innovations that would cut traffic.


At the center of the summit was a panel that featured the director of the Central Texas Mobility Authority, Mike Heiligenstein. This is the government organization that plans and funds the construction of roadways and public transit in Central Texas which includes Austin and Williamson County. Mr. Heligenstein has helped turn the Central Texas Mobility Authority into a functioning and financially viable institution that has helped lay out a path towards sustainable growth for Central Texas. He has also served as an elected official from Williamson County for many years. During his time there, he has helped expand sewer, transportation and water infrastructure to meet growing needs.


Alongside Mike Heiligenstein was on demand taxi company representative, Leandre Johns, of Uber and the town of Round Rock Mayor, Alan McGraw. Other members of the panel included Jared Ficklin, from a public transportation design company called Argo Design and the creator of transportation information company Ridescout LLC, Joseph Kopser. Each offered their own input to solving the traffic issues found in Williamson County and Austin.


Jared Ficklin, a transportation designer said that Austin could have an aerial gondola system to transport people from one part of the town to another. This could help ease traffic on crowded city streets. Mayor of Round Rock, Alan McGraw stressed the importance of making land use and building codes flexible and open to new innovation. This would make it easier to accommodate new growth and technology. Uber’s Leandre Johns said that Uber could help transport people to and from public transportation hubs cheaply, quickly and reliably. This could increase mass transit ridership and cut traffic.


Mike Heiligenstein from the Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, said that he foresees a need for expanded roadways leading into and out of Austin that are used by commuters from Williamson County. He also states that roads must be made smarter and public transit expanded to meet the needs of a growing population. He also mentioned he would love to see more bus service and a dedicated bus lane.

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Squaw Valley Winning The Battle To Restore Water Supplies

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The Upper Mountain region of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort has recently been affected by a water supply issue resulting from a major rainfall event that struck this region of Lake Tahoe in October 2016. Problems with the water supply were quickly identified by officials at Squaw Valley as contaminated groundwater made its way into the water supply, but was identified before any made its way to guests in a successful show of the testing procedures implemented over the Summer of 2016.

Squaw Valley has shut down the water supply to the Upper Mountain region, including Gold Coast and High Camp until the four affected wells are declared safe by a team of experts on from Placer County Environmental Health Department and independent companies employed on a regular basis by Squaw Valley. A statement released through the Squaw Valley Public Relations Director explained the water supply system was updated in the Upper Mountain region in the Summer of 2016 resulting in the new system being declared a success as no health issues have been reported after the contaminated bacteria was identified soon after the rainfall event.

Skiing is being permitted at Squaw Valley on sloped from top to bottom as free bottled water is being supplied to all guests using the affected areas of the mountain. The levels of E. Coli initially identified by Squaw Valley’s own testing procedures on have been reported as nil in three of the four wells identified as contaminated and levels of the Coliform bacteria have also lowered over the course of recent months. The statement concludes with Squaw Valley promising to continue to work on the problem of the contamination until the problem has been eradicated and all guests can return to their normal activities at this historic ski resort that brought European style winter vacations to North America. See:


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Millennials have been accused of being individualistic and self-centred. However, some seem to be different; Billy McFarland is one of those. After hanging out with his friends, he realized that they all wanted to enjoy some of the services accorded to black card holders. However, given the limitation of funds, black cards such as that of American Express are not affordable to the younger people. He invented Magnises in 2013 when he was only twenty-three.

Magnises is a social club for young people who want to expand their professional networks through social integrations. McFarland developed a black card that Magnises offers to its members. This card uses the exiting credit and debit cards of the holder to facilitate payment. With the card, the members can have access to high end events and facilities at rates that are low and affordable.

Members also interact in the member space. Billy McFarland has also developed a mobile app that recommends cool events, activities and places based on the personal preferences of the Magnises member.

He has put up an infrastructure in place to finance all the activities. Magnises charges an annual membership fee is $250 but one could also pay $25 per month. It also raises funds through advertising on their mobile app.

Billy McFarland has also partnered with various companies such as Samsung whom he charges to advertise on the app. Others such as hotels allow discount to Magnises members in an aim to increase their popularity. Billy McFarland is determined to offer the best to Magnises members. He is very selective on the companies he partners with.

Magnises has over 12,000 members. Given its operation and offers, it is in high demand among millennials. However, membership is by invite only and there is a selection process in place. This ensures that each member has something to offer to the rest since they all come from different professions and backgrounds.

According to Crunchbase, through Magnises, Billy McFarland has enabled millennials to greatly expand their social and professional networks. This has progressed their careers and lives. McFarland is a millennial who looks after his own.

Learning From Nathaniel Ru and SweetGreen

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There is a lot that established companies can learn from Sweetgreen. Also, people willing to start their companies can learn from Sweetgreen about how they can begin from scratch and develop to one of the biggest companies in the world. Looking at Sweetgreen, the company has managed to attract big investors in the market such as Steve Case, Daniel Boulud as well as Danny Meyer. Sweetgreen has built a reputation of offering the healthiest dishes in their restaurants. Other than health food, the company is known for offering local organic food that is usually fresh. As of today, Sweetgreen has opened restaurants in 40 different locations across the United States of America.


One of its co-founders, Nathaniel Ru, says that the company wants to build a brand that stands for something. The founders of this firm attribute its success to its ability to incorporate technology in their business. For instance, the owners say that most of its sales are made through its website. Sweetgreen is customer oriented and solely focuses on its client’s satisfaction. For instance, the main offices of this firm have to be closed at least five times in one year to ensure that the services been offered are the best. The company recently opened offices in Los Angeles and is also thinking of making several changes concerning the marketing strategies.


According to the owners of this startup, they don’t believe in the idea of having a corporate headquarter. Instead, they believe in having a decentralized system. The other co-founders of this fortunate venture are Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jammet. The three gentlemen met at Georgetown University in their senior year. The three gentlemen didn’t have any knowledge about how to learn a company leave alone knowledge about the food industry. They, however, shared a common thing as they parents were successful in starting and running their companies. They were motivated to establish a joint within George Town where people would practice healthy eating habits. When talking to the Fortune back in 2014, they said that they knew they would succeed in business when George Town students went home for the winter break.


Nathaniel Ru likes reading and says he would read more if he was given a chance. He also says that the hardest thing in life especially management is putting a team that can function well. Finally, the CEO that Nathaniel Ru admires most is Kevin Plank.

Town Residential Tenth Office Has Opened

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Town Residential is a real estate company in New York City. They have worked hard to get where they are at and this is something that they have been successful at. When they are able to do to different things within the vicinity of real estate, they are able to get the most out of it.


Luxury is what Town Residential is all about. In a market that is thoroughly saturated with a high demand and a low supply, Town Residential has set their services apart from other real estate companies. They have made sure that they are able to provide their clients with luxury that can be so uncommon in New York City. They want to make sure that their product (homes) is much different from that which other real estate companies are offering n the city. They are so much more than a basic real estate company.


One of the biggest ways that Town Residential has grown as a business is by branding themselves. They want to make sure that everyone knows who they are and what they are about. This has given them the chance to make sure that they stand out from a sea of other real estate companies that are in New York City. It has also allowed them the chance to make sure that they are doing the best for the clients that they have in the city and who want a real estate company that will do the most for them.


When other real estate companies fall short and only sell their homes to individuals and even businesses, Town Residential sells to developers. They know the value in a good developer and they have made a lot of connections in New York City by working with developers so that they will be able to do more when they see a building that they want. They work to restore old buildings from what they once were into apartment style living. They take utilitarian buildings and turn them into ones that are filled with luxury options for the New York City elite.


Since Town Residential has been in business, they have opened ten offices. Their tenth office was a huge celebration because it coincided with their third anniversary. They have only been in business for a short time and they have already made huge waves in the New York City real estate market. Their office, which sits right on the Hudson and takes up an entire floor, is set to become the luxury real estate hot spot for those who are in Manhattan. With the growth that they have had in just three years, they are now imagining the possibility of seven years and even ten years out.


Waiakea Water – What You Need to Know

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According to Noob Prenuer, Waiakea Water is a premium bottled water brand sold in almost 20,000 stores located in 30 U.S. states. Founded in 2012 Waiakea’s mission is to provide a healthy and delicious water product. Since it’s inception, Waiakea water has experienced the phenomenal growth rate of 5,000 percent, going from a few cases a year to over 120,000 cases sold annually.

Situated on Hawaii’s big island the Mauna Loa volcano offers a unique opportunity to collect outstanding water. The water originates from snowmelt and rain on the Mauna Loa volcano. The volcanic rock, thousands of feet thick, filters the water which is rich in alkaline and electrolytes producing one of the best natural waters in the world.

While Waiakea water want’s to market the best water in the world, their interests are more far reaching. They are committed to providing access to fresh water for disadvantaged communities in rural Africa. They have formed an alliance with Pump Aid to help them realize the fulfillment of this commitment. Based in Africa and the United Kingdom, Pump Aid is an international charity.

Pump Aid installs what are known as “Elephant Pumps” and then teaches the residents how to operate and maintain the pumps assuring the community of a fresh water supply for a long time. Their efforts have resulted in thousands of people having access to clean water and sanitation.

Since forming an alliance with Pump Aid, Waiakea has helped in providing more than 500 million liters of fresh water to impoverished people in Africa, equating to 650 liters of safe water for every liter of water they sell.

In a Crunchbase article, it was revealed that Waiakea water is proud to be the first premium water company in the world to use only 100% RPET, recycled polyethylene terephthalate, for construction every bottle. Because of the incredible environmental advantages of these bottles, Waiakea is CarbonNeutral®. Waiakea spring posts a two-year use date on the label but feels the actual shelf life of the product is closer to five years.

In 2015 Waiakea received many awards from well-known critics of the food industry. Including, but not all, The National Restaurant Association, Dojour Magazine, Good Morning America, 10 Best Waters and many others.

Waiakea bottled water is now available in premier food stores throughout the country including Whole Foods and Wawa, with plans to expand internationally soon. Waiakea’s success will only continue in both sales and their efforts to provide safe water for rural residents of Africa.

Spreading Democracy Remains Important To George Soros As Attacks Continue

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Those who take an interest in global politics understand the important role George Soros has played over the course of his life in helping spread democracy to areas of the world that were previously closed to the ideology. The 86 year old hedge fund legend has recently turned his attention to Myanmar where the military regime has kept a stranglehold over the democratic process and held its opponents under house arrest; however, to some in the U.S. George Soros is a name to be feared after a series of untrue and antisemitic attacks from conservative broadcasters, such as former Fox News anchor Glenn Beck.

The attacks of Glenn Beck and similar conservative leaning broadcasters are often described as simply being part of an entertainment aspect of the news in the 21st century, but George Soros has been facing such untruths for decades after making large donations to the Democratic party in the U.S. as he felt his own liberal beliefs were reflected in the ideology of the party. Beck’s three hour long special episodes on George Soros in 2010 remain the basis of many of the attacks that continue to surround the man who has lived an inspiring life as a Holocaust survivor and refugee.

Read more: Glenn Beck’s Ridiculous Misreading of George Soros Might Not Be As Inappropriate As Busting a 14-Year-Old’s Balls for How He Behaved During the Holocaust, But It Still Sets Back the Cause of Human Understanding

The story of the life of George Soros presented by Glenn Beck used quotes from a number of respected publications, including a story written by Connie Bruck in “The New Yorker” on However, the comments of Bruck were taken out of context and did not reflect the story she wrote about the impressive life story of Soros from his birth in Hungary in 1930 through to his role in the 2008 election of President Barrack Obama.

As a child George Soros lived through the Nazi occupation of Hungary, and only survived the Holocaust after his father built an impressive false identity to hide the Jewish faith of the family from the authorities. After barely surviving World War II Soros saw the problems faced under Communist rule in his native Hungary and headed out alone as a teenager to find success as a financial expert on Wall Street.

The most impressive philanthropic work of George Soros was also twisted to meet the needs of Glenn Beck in portraying one of the richest people in the world as some form of danger to the future of democracy. In fact, George Soros, inspired by his own experiences of Nazi and Communist rule created the Open Society Foundations to battle apartheid in South Africa, but has continued the fight for democracy in other areas of the world where closed societies can still be found. Soros has funded the growth of democracy on in many parts of the former Soviet bloc and now looks to allow the people of the world to understand and practice the freedom he himself found in the U.K. and U.S. as a refugee in the 1940s and 50s. See: