What type of Freedomlife insurance do you need?

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Choosing life insurance is hard. It’s hard to think about and hard to understand, but important. But before calling Freedom Life Insurance you should have an idea about what kind of life insurance you will need. There are two main types of life insurance, Term life insurance and permanent life insurance. When talking about getting a life insurance policy it is important to have an idea about which one you might want to have.

Term life insurance is insurance for a specific amount of time at the end of that time the coverage stops unless you renew it or buy a new policy. This insurance is great if you have a debt that you want be sure gets paid if you die or you want to be sure your kids have money for college. If that is the case than something like a 20 year or 30 year term life insurance policy may be what you are looking for.

Term life insurance is also a good decision if you are on a limited budget, but need a large amount of life insurance. This is another policy that only pays out if you die within the timeframe specified in the agreement and unlike with permanent life insurance you can not borrow from a term life insurance policy.

There is the option of getting a convertible term policy that can change to a permanent life insurance policy without a medical examination. Ask Freedom Life Insurance about it.

Permanent life insurance policies are there for as long as you live. Permanent life insurance can also be borrowed from later if an emergency comes up. But keep in mind that if death happens before that is paid back the insurance company such will take it back from the policy before paying the beneficiary.

There are many different types of permanent and term life insurance policies to choose from, but deciding between term and permanent is the first step. A company like Freedom Life Insurance can help you decide from there.

Learn more: http://www.whitepages.com/business/freedom-life-insurance-co-of-america-fort-worth-tx


Focusing On Health with USHEALTH Group, Inc.

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USHEALTH GRUOUP, Inc. comprises of various family companies striving to offer the best innovative health covers for people. It is located in Fort Worth in Texas. The company has developed a diverse portfolio in such a way that the insurance coverage can be tailor-made to meet specific individual needs.

Legally, USHEALTH Group, Inc. operates through major supplementary companies that support it in its daily operations.

USHEALTH Group, Inc. offers insurance cover solutions such as life, particular illnesses, accident, dental, and vision as well as disability insurance covers. The insurance plans are suitable for families, self-employed persons, owners of small businesses and the employees. The family group of companies provides affordable, reliable and flexible insurance services to its customers. Besides, it offers secure health cover for individual and family insurance.

Nevertheless, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has managed to differentiate its service offering among its competitors in the market by enhancing long-term relationships with its customers. In Texas, the insurance marketplace is characterized by massive customer turnover but low loyalty hence; building customer loyalty makes USHEALTH Group a dependable insurance group that the customers can trust. Moreover, the insurance company has dramatically invested in a personalized attention for its clients. It has a credible USHEALTH advisory team that dedicates its expertise to excellent customer care and service as well as innovation. At USHEALTH Group, Inc. each client is treated as a unique asset.

Notably, USHEALTH Group, Inc. has an exceptional experience of over fifty years in the insurance industry. Therefore, customers are assured of quality family and individual as well as business insurance services. Also, the company thrives on a daily mission of healing other people each new day. It aims at making positive changes in the lives of people through better insurance plans.

As such, family health insurance is better than in the past. A family can comfortably settle on a convenient and affordable insurance plan suitable for its health needs. The program can be on a short-term or long-term basis. USHEALTH Group, Inc. always aims at helping families and individuals, as well as businesses, choose the best insurance plans. Visit:https://www.crunchbase.com/organization/ushealth-group


Nathaniel Ru’s Advice on How to Do Something That Outlives You

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A look at the start of Sweetgreen, a fast restaurant store that sells salad reveals that necessity is very critical in establishing a company.

While Nathaniel Ru and his friends were at Georgetown University, Wahington, D.C., they frequently faced the challenge of identifying ‘fun and easy’ places to eat. They thought of starting an eatery in that area. Their journey was not a simple one and was based on the following factors. Learn more about Nathaniel Ru:  https://twitter.com/nathanielru and http://fortune.com/2016/02/18/sweetgreen-entrepreneurs/


When Nathaniel Ru and his friends identified a perfect place to locate their business, the landlord was not convinced. They had to keep pressuring her until she agreed to meet with them. They had an excellent business plan that easily swayed the landlord into supporting their idea. The three friends quickly found backers for their project and an architect.

Give People a Reason to Buy Your Product

For those seeking to do something that outlives them, they must people a reason to consume their products. Sweetgreen has never been just about salads. The company works hard to be social, smart, and loyal to their customers. Despite the fact that the company has over 20 stores across America, each store seeks to serve the local community based on its needs.

The Power of Music

In 2009, Sweetgreen opened a new store near Dupont Circle. Despite the strategic location of the store, not a single client showed up in the first two weeks. The company had to come up with something to give people a reason to visit the store apart from the salad. Soon, they introduced music every Saturday and Sunday, and the customers flocked the store.

For any company that grows, there is need to ensure that each new store is unique to the needs of the local population. Under Ru, every Sweetgreen shop has a food-sourcing blackboard that shows the inputs that were sourced from the local community. This makes the local community associate with the store in their location.

About Nathaniel Ru

Nathaniel Ru is an American businessman, famous for co-founding Sweetgreen with two close friends, Jonathan Neman and Nicolas Jamme. His excellent management skills have not gone unnoticed as Forbes recently named him among the “30 under 30” individuals to keep an eye on in the food and wine sector.

Ru and his friends started Sweetgreen in Washington, DC ten years ago. Since then, the business has opened over 40 stores in different cities around the country. All the three friends come from families with a history of entrepreneurship. The company uses a combination of factors such as location and the timing of opening to attract more clients.

Securus Technologies Is Presenting New Methods For Inmate Crime Rates In Prisons

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If you were given the opportunity to make prisons a safer place for inmates, would you want to help them? For those who are behind bars and the workers who work to keep them under control, Securus Technologies is looking to find a way to make the prison safer for all.


Securus Technologies is approached each year to find a new way to create a safer place for inmates and correctional officers who work in the field. It is during the year that they plan, promote, fulfill the need for products and services to be used by inmates and officers.


There is a reason why there is a limit on the items that inmates can have access to while in prison. The lack of personal cell phones is to help keep inmates safe as well as keeping them under watch while in prison. If the inmates are given the opportunity to make phone calls, they are then free to call anyone. This could cause a problem for those who are testifying against them as well as creating a tamper with witness charge.


The prevention of cell phones is just one thing that Securus is doing to prevent phones from falling into the hands of inmates. The use of a device to cut off the mobile signal from inside of the prison is helping to keep contraband under control within the prison walls.


If you are charged with something that you are awaiting trial for, you might discuss the facts surrounding the case which then can be used against them or to help them during a trial. The phone calls made from the prison system will be able to be heard by others. If need be, the chance to subpoena the phone records can either help or break a case.


Paul Mampilly explains the Potential of 3-D printing in the Construction Industry

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Building a house in India is one incredibly complex undertaking. You will at least need to own or purchase a piece of land on which you are going to build your house, and then join an allotment to buy all the required materials for constructing a house including but not limited to cement, steel bars, pipes etcetera.

Given that India is a socialist country getting building materials such as the ones mentioned above is not a walk in the park. The materials are distributed using a quota system meaning that you might not even get the right quantity requirements for the construction of your dream house, and read full article.

Then there is the political bureaucracy involved when you want to be connected to the must-have social amenity services such as electricity, water and sewerage. This could take several months or even years to get all of these things done. This is one of the reasons some people choose to use “the fixers”, Paul Mampilly’s lacrosse camp.


About the fixers

The fixer is basically a person who knows somebody who knows the exact person in places like governmental administrations who can fast track tedious processes like the ones I have already mentioned. The fixers do this either by using money or some of leverage to pull strings and get the project done hence immensely shortening the time required to complete a given project. However, there is finally light at the end of the tunnel for my Indian friends and other people who go through the same elsewhere.

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— Paul Mampilly(@Paul_M_Guru) August 31, 2017

Introducing 3-D Printing and The X1 Robot from Cazza

In a conscious and deliberate effort to curb this problem, a 3-D printing company known as Cazza has developed a robot called X1 that can 3-D print a house. As I write, X1 has 3-D printed a number of structures including commercial buildings, warehouses, villas and even houses in a paltry seven days. Amazing, right? Cazza says that 3-D printing can lower building and construction costs by a whopping 40 percent while at the same time reducing the construction to a single week, and https://angel.co/paul-mampilly.


Who is Paul Mampilly?

Paul Mampilly is a senior editor at Banyan Hill Publishing. He specializes in helping everyday Americans become wealthy by investing in growth investing, technology and small-cap stocks. Paul Mampilly began his career on Wall Street way back in 1991 as an assistant portfolio manager at Bankers Trust. Paul Mampilly then quickly rose to top positions at various companies including ING and Deutsche Bank, managing multimillion-dollar accounts.

Mikhail Blagosklonny Iconic Contribution to Cancer Treatment

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With the rise in the new illnesses that are caused by pathogens erupting from the current epoch due to environmental changes and the lifestyle, the medical professionals ought to be at per with their research to ensure that they are able to protect human beings from the illnesses. Mikhail Blagosklonny is a scientist who has made it in life by ensuring that he conducts research on the cancer illness and its reference to age. He is a professor who has studied medicine and has majored in the cellular biology. As a professor in the branch of oncology, he has contributed greatly to the invention of the drugs that are currently used to treat the cancer patients.

Mikhail Blagosklonny is a person who has gained prominence not only due to his successful education background but rather as an author who has worked in the field of the medicine. His publications have been cited globally by other junior professionals who conduct their research in the field of oncology. Mikhail Blagosklonny has worked in various institutes that entail the Roswell Cancer Institute. Where he is still one of the senior professors in the institute.

Mikhail Blagosklonny has also portrayed his philanthropy by funding the organizations that aim at reducing the spread of cancer. He believes in saving the lives of more patients and upholding his ethical values in his profession. He has severally mentored his students who continue to conduct research in the medical field and generate drugs that are efficient and that are able to deal with the pathogens efficiently. In his institute, Mikhail Blagosklonny believes that there is a cure for cancer though it has not yet been discovered. He believes that the continued research new methods of treatment are generated, and there is an improvement towards the health sector.

As one of the contributors to the Ontcortarget organizations, he has been able to edit various publications and ensured that they are effective and authentic as the editor in chief. As an editor, he has concentrated on the cancer biology and therapy. He has thus supported more research in the field and thus adequate publications on the sector of cancer therapy. TOR signaling is one of the basis that Mikhail Blagosklonny has continued to prove as one of the factors that affect aging and cancer.

As the study on cancer therapy continues, Mikhail Blagosklonny has continued to support that Rapamycin is one of the best treatments that has been effective to cancer patients. On his publications, he notes that the drug will be able to lengthen the life of the affected patients by cancer. On this note, he says that the above drug will deter the growth of the tumor that is caused by the cancerous cells and thus making it effective. Cancer results due to the uncontrollable growth of cells of a particular part of the body and thus these cells form the tumor known as the cancerous tumor. Mikhail Blagosklonny continues to be a renowned professor, author, editor in chief as well as a consultant doctor.

Freedom Debt Relief Has the Solutions for Securing your Identity and Credit

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Freedom Financial Network’s CEO, Andrew Housser, wrote the article “How to Safeguard your Credit After the Equifax Breach” which was published on WBRC. The article was written after the massive security breach sustained by one of America’s top credit bureaus, Equifax.

The breach revealed the personal information of more than 143 million Americans, leaving their social security numbers, birth dates, names, and even addresses exposed to hackers and thieves. The information divulged is more than enough to allow thieves to open new credit cards, take out loans, or even falsify your identity and what Freedom Debt Relief knows.

This is why Housser suggests that it is incredibly important to take your credit fate into your own hands. Check on a trusted website to determine if your information has been revealed or stolen by the hackers. Their new site is dedicated to helping those who have been exposed in the security breach. They offer a free year of identity protection and credit monitoring to those who sign up before November 21 and Freedom Debt Relief’s lacrosse camp.

Housser advises freezing your credit, monitoring your accounts, and sending your tax returns in early. Obviously, you will want to monitor your credit and bank accounts closely in the following year to help keep a watch out for any fraudulent purchases. In particular, Housser suggests keeping an eye out for any unauthorized, small charges. He reveals that thieves will often test the card before making larger purchases and Twitter.com.

Freezing your credit will also prevent any hacker from opening credit in your name. Simply call the three credit bureaus and place your accounts on freeze. Though you won’t be able to open any new credit yourself, you may reverse it simply by calling the bureaus again with the PIN you make in the process and contact their.

Sending your tax returns in early will also prevent thieves from sending false tax returns to the IRS in an attempt to steal your tax refund.

Freedom Debt Relief is one of the companies under the Freedom Financial Network’s branch. They are the largest debt relief company in the country, helping Americans from all over settle their debt through specific debt settlement programs and more information click here.

Is Bottled Water Worth It? Find Out How Waiakea Water Has Redefined Its Sustainability

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Who likes water anyway? Despite being the most hated beverage drink, water turns out to be the most consumed drink in the world. Consumers prefer naturally filtered water. It’s incredible how consumers are discouraging the excess waste and environment pollution caused by plastic bottled water.

Waiakea Water has created a path to making the plastic bottles degradable. Their lifespan has drastically reduced by 98%. That is a move to create a whole new CPG industry across the globe. Approaching the plastic bottle packaging from an entirely different angle to ensure the bottles are degradable. The brand projects their lifespan to reduce from 1, 500 years to 15 years.

In a years’ time, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water will change to degradable bottle packaging. Waiakea goes into history as the first company to use TimePlast nano-additive purely made out of recycled bottles.

Waiakea Water, through its co-founder, Ryan Emmons founded the company at 22 years old, has grown to 4000% since incorporation. Being concerned about the environmental effects that bottled, Emmons saw the need to come up with a sustainable product that is environmental friendly. That is a measure of giving back to the society.

Waiakea prides itself on providing sustainable packaging. Their packaging is composed of high-grade fully recycled polyethylene terephthalate that consumes less energy to manufacture. As a result, its manufacturing process emits less carbon compared to traditional bottle packaging. The plastics are also BPA-free.

Waiakea tops the list as the best volcanic water brand suppliers. The water is retrieved from natural springs and is filtered by the volcanic rocks. With only a few ingredients added after it’s packaged in degradable bottles, Waiakea has been majorly voted on the list to provide refreshing water that is eco-friendly.

In just three and half years, Waiakea Water has grown to 4000% in providing natural refreshing water packaged in degradable bottles. Nothing excites consumers than when you give back to their community. Waiakea Water takes consumer interests at hand by providing water that has few additives added and does not pollute the environment. Their packaging also emits less carbon during the manufacturing process. The bottles are degradable as their lifespan has reduced by 98% making them last for just 15 years from the initial 1, 500 years.https://waiakeasprings.com/healthy/

Comprehensive Preventive Medicine with Life Line Screening

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     Health is one of the fundamental motivators of human behavior. Most of the things people do on a daily basis are targeted towards giving one optimum health. In the modern world, most people are moving away from curative medicine to preventive medicine.

Preventive medicine involves screening to ensure that the body is healthy. Taking tests is the surest way to know whether the ones have threatening illnesses or illnesses that have not been detected.

Lifeline Screening is a health company that has made an indelible mark in the health industry in preventive medicine. They partner with clients to screen various types of health conditions.

How should one prepare when going for a lifeline screening?

Typically, for any screening, one should wear easy-to-remove attires. Men should wear buttoned shirts that are short- sleeved. Wearing heavy and tight clothes presents a challenge when removing them to wear the attire for screening. However, not all screening procedures require any particular clothing.

The Finger-stick blood screening uses the pricking on the finger to draw some blood from the finger. These screening procedures are not restrictive on the clothes.

What to expect during the visit

Most clients are anxious when coming for the screening. They do not know what to expect during the testing. It is vital to understand that the Life Line Screening clinics are manned by qualified employees who are highly trained in handling clients warmly. They aim to help anyone to relax as they wait for their appointment.

Therefore, one can prepare by asking another person who has visited the hospital to tell them about their experience. Hearing about how friendly the staff is will help one to relax. One thing to note is that the procedures are painless and therefore, one can relax.


Being able to arrest an impending problem before it causes widespread harm is invaluable. Likewise, screening helps to identify any health problems that might be developing in the body. A solution can, therefore, be sought to cure the health problem before it becomes a critical problem.

It also helps to alleviate anxiety when one suspects that they are suffering from an illness. After screening, they might find out that there is no cause for worrying.

For more, please see https://gazetteday.com/2017/09/preventive-health-care-made-easy-with-life-line-screening/.

Personal Experience as a Motivator to Help Others

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Not many people would take their bad experience in life and try to make life better for others. When someone else’s human rights are violated, not many people will step in. Very often they wouldn’t even know it happens. Unfortunately for many people human rights violations are only necessary if they are on the receiving end of it, and racial profiling for many is just a part of life.

There are people in society that blame those from a different ethnic profile for their struggles with work and life. They might not violate human rights themselves, but they also would turn away from those in need of help.

Many groups in society experience these violations on almost daily basis, and this is where human rights organizations step in. One such organization is the Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin Frontera Fund.

The Frontera Fund and its Story

Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin are journalists, and even though they know that it is not the safest career to choose, they could never imagine how their lives would be turned upside down. Larkin and Lacey went through an ordeal of kidnapping because of their bold stand against racial profiling.

It was followed by an arrest by the local authority at the time to extract information and hide evidence of abusing the power of authority within the local Sheriff’s office. Larkin and Lacey were not going to back down and sued the county since the arrest had no legal ground to stand on if brought up in court.

They walked away free men and with almost 4 million dollars in settlement money. This sour experience encouraged Larkin and Lacey to put their thinking cap on and find a way to do more. That is how the Frontera Fund was born. Read more: Michael Lacey | Facebook and Village Voice Media | Wikipedia

Both men wanted to help provide the voice for those who otherwise didn’t have it. The Frontera Fund works with different other organizations to help various groups of people within the society whose human rights are abused.

Immigrants Often Suffer from People Exploiting Them

One of the most prominent groups they work with is the diverse communities of immigrants of whom many are undocumented. Migrants often have to leave their home country because there are no options for work or the political climate is too threatening unless you agree with the regime. Learn more about Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey: http://www.laceyandlarkinfronterafund.org/about-lacey-larkin-frontera-fund/michael-lacey/

However, although many find jobs in a new country, they often lack the language skills and don’t have the funds to pay an attorney to help them get all the documentation. This regularly invites employers abandoning Human rights altogether and exploiting vulnerable employees.

Organisations such as the Frontera Fund work to help them with resources, education, and documentation. Lacey and Larkin also use their Journalism career to speak out about human rights and the abuse of them in particular in their home state of Arizona where their story started almost ten years ago.

They believe that it is essential to give a voice to those who don’t have it since they have had a very personal experience of human rights abuse. Different human rights organizations link up in an international network, collaborating and making the world a better place.