Lacey and Larking Discuss Joe Arpaio

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There have been a number of questionable presidential pardons in the past, but President Trump’s first pardon is one that is not only controversial, but has a weekly effect on social discourse of America.

Resident Trump awarded his first pardon to the strictest sheriff in America, Joe Ariaio of the Maricopa County Arizona Sheriff’s Department. And while he has a reputation of notoriety, his most impulsive acts revolve around the room for imprisonments of the owners of the Village voice, Jim Larkin and Michael Lacey.

10 years ago, a group of Maricopa County selective enforcement unit agents arrested both the CEO and executive director of Village voice media, like him and Lacey.

On the same day as the arrest but earlier in the day, their publication featured an article discussing a probe being conducted against Village Voice Media’s Phoenix New Times publication on behalf of the grand jury. What they did not know was that the grand jury had been investigating them as individuals.

Arpaio became increasingly frustrated with the repetitious coverage that exposes excessively aggressive law enforcement tactics that was traced back to the day he was inaugurated in 1992. The well-known Tent City, as well as the multitude of cases charged against inmates, women and immigrants have been a topic compensated about frequently throughout multiple publications.

United States District Judge Murray Snow ruled that Arpaio infringed upon the constitutional rights of many of the immigrants he detained, but most of the cases were handled out of the public site before 2011 came.

The lawsuit brought against him 13 years ago cause those cases to emerge at the surface which allow for Arpaio to be charged, finally, for the unconstitutional violations he committed against Latinos and immigrants.

Arpaio insisted that he was innocent of the charges against the, yet he still continued to profile Latinos. This gained the attention of investigative reporters, which led to articles that exposed the near-criminal behavior of Arpaio. At this time, Lacey and Larkin both began reporting on Arpaio ‘s questionable occurrences, with multiple pieces fueling confrontations between them and the department that work under Arpaio.

After a while, the sheriff’s department grew tired of the bickering and decided to arrest the two men, which strangely occurred after a special prosecution counsel had been targeting them then formed a grand jury top report on the Phoenix New Times.

They were only imprisoned for 24 days, and which case they were released only to file a lawsuit against Arpaio. The suit was set to reveal more information about corruption and malpractice until it was settled for $3.7 million.

About Jim Larkin

As a former student of Arizona State University who dropped out in 1972, Jim Larkin partner with Michael Lacey, serving as a CEO in order to operate the Phoenix New Times. As a conservative anti-war voice on campus, the weekly publication spoke for the students who served as active protesters.

Larkin focus on the advertising side of the business, and with his hard work, the publication increases audience size, expanding its’ circulation by covering political and social issues. He

About Michael Lacey

Born the son of a construction worker, Michael Lacey serve as the executive editor of the Phoenix new Times publication after he dropped out of school in 1970.

As a former student of Arizona State University, Lacey spent four decades running the publication, but in 2012, he agrees to sell the company At the time of the sell, Village Voice Media Holdings, the company that owned the publication, had accumulated 56 million viewers online and 9 million print readers.

They publication had been awarded hundreds of journalistic honors, and even awarded the Pulitzer Prize.

Learn more about Michael Lacey and Jim Larkin: and

Daniel Taub Independent Article Recap

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The Independent article portrays Daniel Taub’s opinion of the Geneva accord, being that it is a danger to all, in its shortcoming to ensuring the containment of the threat posed by Iran in its nuclear ambitions.

The article in its opening goes on to describe the recent events occurring in the Middle East in terms of new treaties.

It talks of the new possibilities for Israel, and Israel’s original view that the Geneva accord will not do enough. Furthermore, it explores the phenomena of predominantly Sunni countries, such as Israel, in forming new alliances in order to combat the Tehran-sponsored Shia alliances in the Middle East.

Countries such as Saudi Arabia and the Gulf states are now becoming partners in a preventative fight against nuclear Iran. Learn more about Daniel Taub:

Daniel Taub is Israel’s ambassador to the UK. He was born in the UK in 1962 and attended school at University College in both London and Oxford. In addition to this he studied at Harvard University’s Kennedy School of Government, and soon after moved to Israel in 1989.

Post moving to Israel Taub didn’t immediately sway towards a career in politics. His initial ambitions landed him with the Israeli Defense Forces as a combat medic where he was also serving as a reserve officer in the international law division.

Two years later in 1991 he ended his career as a combat medic, and started a new one, working for the Israeli Foreign Ministry.

Here he held various diplomatic as well as legal posts. From here he took his experience at the Israeli Foreign Ministry and turned this into a position as the Israeli ambassador to the U.K., where he served from 2011-2015.

Currently Daniel Taub works as the director of strategy and planning at the Yad Hanadiv Foundation. Read more: Daniel Taub | Wikipedia and Daniel Taub | LinkedIn

In looking back to the Independent article on Taub’s comments towards the Geneva accord, we can see that Taub’s opinion is as follows.

Taub feels as though there are many radical states from Tehran to Gaza. Due to this he also feels as though the considerable amount of worrying on the account of nuclear Iran is fitting.

Taub uses this as a segue in order to then talk about the way in which these mutual interests by nations can be used in order to deepen relationships.

He expresses that the fundamental strategic concerns by nations in the Middle East towards other nations such as those between Israel and nuclear Iran, should be a means of putting aside differences and usual paradigms in order to prevent catastrophe.

Fortress Investment Group and Services Offered Since 1998

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The Fortress Investment group has been in the investment business for approximately 20 years now. Since it was founded in 1998, this company has gained a wide range of experience in making sure their clients obtain what they need in the investment industry. With the use of several different commonly known investment strategies, their team of professionals has a comprehensive full rounded track record in permanent capital investments, real estate, and credit. Therefore, when an individual or an organization needs assistance with the investments that they are attempting to make, the Fortress investment group is available to take the lead in ensuring everyone gets what they need or what is required of them at the time, and


Asset Based Approach to the Valuation of Any Business

With that being said, for those companies who are planning a merger or an acquisition, it is essential that they receive what they need in order for these restructures to be as smooth as possible. Specifically, when the companies are trying to determine the valuation between them to see what each of their companies are actually worth in this industry. In these situations, the Fortress Investment group can supply a response by using an asset-based approach. With their asset-based approach, any organization can take advantage of their primary services in this area including the company utilizing their expertise to oversee the management of the investments, extend set pricing or offer the financing needed to complete the acquisitions and mergers in a timely manner. This approach is not a luxury but a necessity in ensuring the value of the business is noted appropriately when the merger and the acquisition are being carried out, and their Linkedin.


Fortress Investment Group Industry Knowledge

When an investment company is hired to do anything for a client, there are several things that these companies want to know about their investments and how they will be handled by the investment company that they are entrusting. While it is not uncommon for investment companies to specialize in certain areas, it is still important that people know as much as they can about various kind of investment topics. For instance, when the fortress group works with a new company, they will have an opportunity to use what they have learned to their clients best benefit. This is normally called industry knowledge. Therefore, people who want to make sure that they are getting the top services possible. It is essential that these investment organizations have a chance to share their expert knowledge in a number of different ways. By sharing the knowledge that the organization has gained, the clients stand another better chance of being treated properly, and what Fortress Investment Group knows.

Investment companies are hired all of the time by clients who want the help. The services provided by these companies usually fulfill a wide range of investment services and opportunities for their clients. Fortunately, when these investments are involved, the company increases their chances of successful investment transactions greatly. Specifically, when these professionals are relying on 20 years of experience in the industry, and more information click here.

Heal And Soothe: A Nature’s Way Against Infections

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     Heal and Soothe offers an anti-inflammation fighting regiment with natural antioxidants. Different to other brands, Heal and Soothe’s supplement provides an alternative to strong medicinal drugs that promise to end infection with artificial intakes in the body. Heal and Soothe advises people can be calmer knowing exactly what kind of drugs they are putting into their body with Heal and Soothe, because everyone is familiar with the source of each of their ingredients. Heal and Soothe uses a combination of well-known natural ingredients such as citrus Bioflavonoid compounds, Bromelain, and Rutin, all ingredients found in citric fruits. Other active ingredients are Ginger root, Papain, also present in fruits, and Boswellia, a natural medicinal plant, as well as other pain relieving enzymes. Boswellia, Bromelain, and Rutin are specific in reducing swelling, while citrus Bioflavonoids is utilized as a multidimensional anti-oxidant. Ginger root is long known for being a natural curing plant, whereas Papain is used to break down enzymes inside the body. Heal and Soothe’s combination of ingredients focuses on joint resilience.

Heal and Soothe is part of one of the alternative approaches to medicinal practices known as Systemic Enzyme Therapy. This type of therapy is heavily dependent on the idea of tearing down infection by breaking down infection causing pathogens into smaller bits until fully eliminating each and one of them. Systemic Enzyme Therapy directly targets inflammation through a counteractive process of using ingredients in regiments like Heal and Soothe to cure the infection. Furthermore, Heal and Soothe has the potential of building new tissue and re-developing old tissue inside the body to be more flexible and substantial than ever before. Heal and Soothe offers a thirty day trial bottle with a subscription payment of $49.95 made every thirty days. Every thirty days, the bottle is delivered to the customer unless canceled otherwise. A single bottle of Heal and Soothe can also be purchased with a one time of payment of $59. Heal and Soothe can be purchased online or over the phone. They do have an advisory note detailing food allergies that may deter the consumption of this supplement and encourage those taking additional prescriptions to consult their physician before taking Heal and Soothe.

See “Herbal Remedies to Reduce Pain and Inflammation” for more.

David McDonald: Secrets to his Success

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David McDonald is the President of the leading global food provider OSI Group. McDonald began at the firm approximately 30 years ago in the role of Project Manager. He worked his way up there to his current role of President of OSI Group. He is also a Member of OSI Group’s board of directors. McDonald holds a degree in Animal Science from Iowa State University, and lacrosse camp David McDonald OSI Group.

In an interview in Inspirery, David McDonald discusses his background, strategies, inspiration and goals. McDonald states that he entered the food industry because he had always held an interest in biology and agriculture. His Website, He explains that OSI was able to become profitable at an early stage through the formation of successful partnerships within the industry. David McDonald summarizes OSI’s vision as being “to meet and surpass customer expectations.” He believes it is the quality provided by OSI that enabled them to attract customers initially and to retain them. McDonald states, “At OSI, we view our staff and customers as family… This keeps our clients coming back”, and

David McDonald’s thoughts on what makes him successful include OSI’s ability to forge valuable partnerships and understand local cultures. He feels that becoming part of local culture is one of OSI’s best marketing strategies. Additionally, he cites OSI’s “entrepreneurial passion and can-do ethic” as being key to their success. McDonald mentions “Time Management from a Cross-Cultural Perspective” as one inspirational book that he feels contains valuable insights and advice, particularly since OSI does much business dealing in foreign countries.

When asked what the future of his business holds, David McDonald asserts that “We will continue the path that brings the highest value to our clients.” In closing, David McDonald says that he is proud of OSI but does not brag. He observes that the clients often leave positive feedback about the company, which serves to showcase OSI to other consumers, and read full article.

Alex Pall + Andrew Taggart = The Chainsmokers

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In a 2016 Mathias Rosenzweig interview of the Chainsmokers about their latest track, Closer. It featured Halsey and starred half of the duo, Andrew Taggart, which is rare for this DJ group that focus on electronic landscapes. Thus, Ms. Rosenzweig spoke to the two about their single Closer, their evolvement, and their identity.

In the beginning, Alex Pall was DJing New York, but it was more of a passionate side job until their manager introduced them to each other and Andrew Taggart moved to New York where they centered their life on their music. Beforehand, Taggart was a college student who was interested in DJing, electronic music, and production.

They knew they could work together based on musical similarities and their drive to make it. They observed the music scene to know what was trending while building a selfhood. They did not look at creating music/themselves as a job, but development and hard work was a must.

Moreover, they dealt with finding a strong identity in the electronic genre. Because there are many similar sounds or people following the popular song it can become difficult for them to standout. Nevertheless, they buckled down and composed music that some could describe as indie, pop, dance, and hip-hop music making them more popular. But with an increase of popularity, older songs are now being listened to and they are more developed then their starting point such as “Don’t Let Me Down” versus “Closer.”

Alex and Andrew always base their music on their life experiences, even when working with other artists they guide the writing process or write most to all their music. And with that they also worked on making a cohesive album, they wanted to develop a concept versus releasing several songs that had nothing to do with the next.

Furthermore, when working with Halsey, they had her at the top of their list and loved her voice and strong personality. They felt she fitted greatly with the song, Closer, that Andrew and their buddy wrote, and they produced because it shows progression in the music industry and for what they represent.

Pall explains how he’s excited that the music they write with help of technology, Instagram, can help transpire to many age groups as well as genders. Taggart expresses how having a diverse audience is a good pressure for them to make a well-thought-out stage.

To close, Alex Pall greatly stated that visuals such as short acts and mixing of their past performances add to creating an exciting show. Also, due to the industry today, they must continuously push themselves for bigger and better stages as well as develop their music to stay relevant.

Rocketship Education.

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Rocketship Education.

Rocket is a network of public charter schools that specialize in offering educational services to the less fortunate communities globally. These schools are non-profit generating. These schools were founded in the year 2006. The main aim that brought the idea of starting the Rocketship Education was to eliminate the gap between the poor and the rich regarding education access. To achieve the intended goal, Rocketship Education had to strategize on approaches that could build a sustainable and scalable model of schools that could offer high-quality education services to the underserviced societies.

The principal of Rocketship Education model is to have a teacher-guided and technology supported method of customizing learning that suitably places every student in their best productive positions and helping them use their time in the right way. Rocketship involves parents and guardians in their student’s learning. It makes parents become ultimate promoters of their children’s education and also community development.

Offering services in collaboration with parents, guardians, Community Organizations, other charter schools, and districts catalyzes the productivity that enhances elimination of the attainment gap in the people’s lives.

The month of January marks the beginning of a new year. It’s the month that individuals, organizations, and companies come up with fresh ideas, new resolutions that they propel them throughout the year. Rocketship Education students utilize their new year mark to not only to represent where they are but also to determine and focus on where they are going to. Rocketship Education is among the best schools that produce the best students in the United States since they are taught by extraordinarily talented teachers. Teachers at Rocketship Education are always careful about the extensive academic involvement.

As the New Year begins, students undergo some habitual transformation that helps them to install new, practical skills and strategies that propel them to attaining their goals for that year. Students become motivated when they naturally employ hard work on their projects and raise attendance. To ensure students are motivated, Rocketship Staff and Teachers offer their skills to the best focusing on providing a dependably stable and productive educational experience.

Jose Hawilla Defines the Characteristics of Successful Entrepreneurs

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Jose Hawilla is a highly successful Brazilian entrepreneur who made envious achievements in sports marketing and media industries. To help the aspiring entrepreneurs, he provided his observations regarding individuals and entrepreneurship. Hawilla thinks that people should have some specific characteristics to be successful as entrepreneurs. Also, the country people invest, including its business climate, is highly important in deciding ventures successful. Hawilla explained the factor with the help of Global Entrepreneurship Index for the year 2016. According to the Index, the United States became the top destination for entrepreneurs with a score of 86.2%.

The country gives excellent support to its citizens and became a land of opportunities with a number of options. It provides quick loan approvals for small businesses, support groups, tax incentives, and more. Even the other developed countries are not far behind. Canada spotted in the second place with an index score of 79.5%, and Australia raced to the third position with a score of 78%. Jose Hawilla asks the entrepreneurs to establish small businesses than big ventures. He thinks that small business sector creates more job opportunities, products, and diverse solutions. Check out estadao to see more.

According to Jose Hawilla, entrepreneurship is mostly personality driven, and people should nurture certain qualities to become successful. He thinks that every successful entrepreneur should be passionate by their personal as well as family considerations. They should always showcase the desire of being independent as it can shape their thoughts better to become successful. Additionally, such people should be adaptable and quick to react to the changes. Finally, they should be dedicated to all the initiatives they began, irrespective of its importance.

Jose Hawilla began his career as a journalist and became one of the few reputed news reporters in the country in a quick span of time by predominantly covering major sports events. However, he decided to move on to the sports marketing industry by establishing Traffic in 1980. You can visit Globo to know more.

The group has the television rights of a large number of association football tournaments such as Copa América, South American Under-17 Football Championship, Copa Sudamericana, World Cup qualifiers, and more. Hawilla also invested in the media industry and holds the ownership of several Brazilian newspapers.

See more:

Dr. Saad

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Dr. Saad

Dr. Saad is a native of Palestine and grew in Kuwait. He was born in a family of 8 children. Three of them became surgeons, two Ph.D., two more had Master Degree in engineering and remaining one is a teacher. Dr. Saad studied his medical degree at Cairo University in Egypt. He took his internship in England after which he immigrated to the United States. Since then, Dr. Saad has templated two inventions and established many new pediatric operation techniques. Dr. Saad has so far performed eight Medical Missions to Jerusalem offering free compound surgeries on unfortunate kids. He was the Surgeon-in-Chief and co-Medical Director of K Hovnanian children Hospital based at Hackensack Meridian Health Care System before retirement.

In an interview, Dr. Saad said that he wanted to become an engineer in his childhood. He later changed his dream after realizing that engineering would expose him to high temperatures of Kuwait where he grew up. Saad thought of a career which would enable him to work indoors with air conditioning available. He settled on becoming a surgeon so that he would be working in an air-conditioned operating room.

Dr. Saad recognizes Dr. H Biemann Othersen as his mentor. He remembers him for training him to become a pediatric surgeon in Charleston, SC. Dr. Saad added that his mentor taught him to be honest, hardworking and kind. He also learned the behavior of treating all children equally regardless of their race, religion, physical or mental abilities, or financial status. Dr. Saad was very excited by how genetics are helping in impacting people’s capability to realize, counteract and cure chronic diseases like cancer. He believes that through research can help overcome many medical challenges that people face.

Dr. Saad recognized that his organization of doing things leads to his productivity. He is more efficient and avoids procrastination of assignments by making sure that he organizes his daily program. Saad also believes in fate and considers that its only God who knows about each person’s destiny. In preparing the surgery, Dr. Saad used to have two main preparation steps; he first studied the patient’s Medical Record and established what type of operation procedure he would plan to do. Secondly, Saad used to review the steps of the surgical method that intentioned to perform. He mostly used the latest operative pediatric surgical textbooks. Dr. Saad was always against personal talking in his operating room, barred any loud music and ensured he had a peaceful night sleep and took enough breakfast before taking surgery. Learn more:

Dr. Saad has an affiliation with hospitals like Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus, Jersey Shore University Medical Center and Riverview Medical Center. He was a specialist in General Surgery and Pediatric General Surgery.

Shafik Sachedina: His Role In The Management Of Sussex Healthcare And Ismaili Community Institutions

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Shafik Sachedina is a co-chairman of Sussex healthcare, a leading healthcare company in the United Kingdom. Shafik Sachedina is also the president of the Ismaili Council in the United Kingdom.

He is a dental surgeon by profession, a degree he gained from the University of London. Shafik Sachedina was originally born in Dar-es-Salaam in Tanzania, Africa. However, most of his life, he has lived in England. Shafik Sachedina works At Jamati Institutions where he is head of a department. He has worked in a voluntary capacity with the Aga Khan Secretariat in France.

Shafik Sachedina has another role in organizing and coordinating the activities if the Ismaili Community Institutions in the UK. These institutions are found in various areas in the country. He acts as the link between the Aga Khan and the Ismaili Community Institutions. Shafik Sachedina has been a practicing doctor in England all his career life.

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Apart from the above responsibilities, he has developed interests in business which have seen him co-own a health company in the United Kingdom with entrepreneur Shiraz Boghani. Shafik Sachedina is committed to the community as he has already shown with the voluntary work he has been doing with the Jamati Institution. He is a board member of the Jamati institutions. He has also represented Ismaili community as a volunteer. His passion for serving the people does not emanate from the need to make money. To him serving people is a service he is ready to carry out anytime.

Shafik Sachedina together with his partner at Sussex healthcare is committed to serving the people by providing services which make life worth living. Sussex Healthcare is a care provider firm in the country which mainly deals with people with special needs.

Shiraz Boghani with whom they own the healthcare firm is an entrepreneur who runs a hospitality business in England. His company is known as Splendid Hospitality Group; a lodging services company.

Sussex Healthcare

Sussex Healthcare is a facility that provides services to special groups of people especially those from the old age group. People who can no longer take care of themselves are the people accommodated by this firm. The firm also takes interest of other special groups of people such as those who suffer from neurological disorders, dementia, and Alzheimer’s disease. People who have such kind of ailments deserve to be treated with more care, and Sussex Healthcare is the place to get such services.

Find more about Shafik Sachedina: